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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Worst Run EVER!

I really mean it.  I had my worst run ever today.  It was my slowest and most painful run.  I have never battled so much for almost every mile.  That is saying tons since I run 4-5 days a week and have for a while.   As I was hating every second of my run I thought about all other crap runs and today kept winning.  What a great title to have!

I knew running 20 miles today would be super hard.  My calf muscles were sore from yesterday's race.  I knew it was going to be really windy and warm.  I was just thankful I could sleep late.  Yes, I skipped church to run.  20 miles is just too much to run before church. 

So after way too much piddling around I left around 7:30.  My legs were immediately off...read way tired.  I knew it was going to be a LONG run.  I divided up the run into 5 mile chunks and focused on that.  The first five miles were 9:18, 9:28, 9:30, 9:24, and 9:20.  That was the best part of the run. 

The next five were okay but were getting harder and harder.  It was also getting so much more windy.  Having to work that much harder just made me mad, but it did not help me run any faster.  Miles 6-10 were 9:26, 9:38, 9:35, 9:40, and 9:57.  I pretty much feel like I hit the wall between mile 9 and 10.  I could barely wrap my brain around running 10 more miles.

I ran four more miles and decided I need a break.  I stopped in a park and just sat for about 5 minutes.  I needed to regroup and psych myself up for 6 more miles.  I was crazy thirsty and the GU's were not giving me any boosts at all.  Miles 11-16 were 9:46, 9:44, 10:14, 10:03, 10:25, and 10:17. 

I almost finished my water by mile 16 so I decided to stop at Target for a refill.  In 16 miles I had finished 28 ounces of water.  I never drink that much on a run.  It is probably why I was feeling so sick in my stomach.  Literally every step was a chore.  You should have seen the people looking at me in Target!

The last four miles were killer.  I decided after mile 17 that I needed to walk run for mile 18.  That was the only way I could finish.  I hoped that would give me a boost to finish, which it did.  That decision and getting more water were the smartest things I did the entire run.  The last four miles were 10:26, 11:28, 10:52, and 10:34. 

I took a wrong turn after I left Target and actually finished 20 miles about 8th/mile from my house.  I almost cried realizing I had to walk home because I would not be running.  I decided to call Drew and he came to get me.  I was so happy.  I sat down and waited for him.  Then he made me two big glasses of chocolate milk.  What a guy!!

I knew today's run was going to be tough, but I was surprised at how tough it was.  I weighed myself before my post run shower.  I weighed 3.5lbs less than yesterday.  Remember I had drank 35ozs of water, two huge glasses of chocolate mile, and another glass of water when I got home.  Hello---I was super dehydrated!  I am still trying to catch up.  All my drinking is making my stomach so full that I don't want to eat.  I have forced myself to eat all day knowing I need the calories!  I see myself eating like a mad woman tomorrow!

Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day and Tuesday just might be as well depending on how I feel!

Today I am thankful for:
1.  Drew---he saved my butt today.  Truly this is the first time I needed him to rescue me from a run and that even counts when I fell hard last winter.  He took care of me all day and took care of my responsibility at Children's Choir Camp.  I love him!
2.  Did I say Drew?
3.  My friend Carmalyn--she is just inspiring and creative all the time.  I asked her to make me a bracelet and she gave it to me today.  Well, she gave it to Drew because I skipped church.  I love it.  It is my reminder to myself for my marathon!
It says Push and Believe in You!
4.  Did I say Drew?
5.  Finishing my run today was a good lesson in perseverance and hydration.  I know it will help me in my marathons. 

Today's picture is:
I took this picture around mile 7.  The entire neighborhood was filled with flags....every house had a flag at the curb.  I had just finished talking to Drew about where Jonah's bible was so I took the opportunity to take this picture.  I was a wonderful place to run for several miles!  You can also see how windy it was.


  1. way to push through Kortni! GREAT job!!!

  2. Your "worst run EVER" is still awesome. Plus Elena and Samuel got to "take care" of you