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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Letter to my Children

Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena,

I have thought long and hard all day what I wanted to say about the 2012 Presidential Election.  My thoughts have been ugly, mean, horrible, depressed, discouraged, and hopeful.  You all know that Daddy and I voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  You all know that we prayed for them to win the election.  You all know how much we detest Obama and everything he represents and has done to this country.  We have not kept any of it a secret from you.

When I first woke up this morning I planned to let my thoughts fly.  It is my blog and is being written as a memory for us.  However, I decided that my ugly thoughts should only be shared with myself and with Daddy.  I don't want you guys to remember that.  I want you to remember something different about this election.

Today Samuel and Elena played at the playground after school.  They ran around like they always do playing some sort of crazy game.  I was reading my Runner's World magazine enjoying listening to their voices.  After a while Elena hollered for my help. She was attempting to climb up the "rock wall".  I told her she did not need my help and to take her time.  At the same time I was nervous that she was climbing this "wall" without my help.  But, I can't be there to help her or any of you all the time.  You all have to learn to help yourselves and to be good at it!  So I showed Elena what to do and let her do it on her own.  You know what?  Elena was nervous, but she did it. She climbed up that "wall" and was incredibly proud of herself.  Elena climbed again and again and was enjoying her accomplishment!

She climbed all the way up so she could slide down!

Last night more people voted to be led, to be carried, to be provided for, to be coddled, to be told what to do.  More people voted for less freedom, less choice, less independence.  More people voted for Big Government leading the way.

I am telling all of you...Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena...you lead you!  No one leads you but you.  You are in charge of you and you make your own decisions.   Freedom is not free.  You have to task risks, chances, and be willing to fail.  When you fail, you get up and try again.  Failure makes you better and stronger each and every time. 

And, the president is not your God.  God is your God.  Jesus is the way, the light, the way to eternal freedom and life.  Don't believe anything else because it is a lie!

Daddy and I will encourage all of you each and every day to cultivate who you are and to be your best.  You were created by an amazing God and you all deserve more in life than what peopled voted for yesterday.  Daddy and I will give all we have to give you more and to make this country stronger.

Remember always that you are responsible for you...no one else!  You are smart enough, strong enough, and loved enough by your family.  Be brave!  We will support you always!

I love you sweet kiddos very much!!

Today I am thankful for:
1.  Emma--kind, helpful, brave, loving, caring
2.  Jonah--silly, energetic, funny, loving, fully committed
3.  Samuel--opinionated, determined, independent
4.  Elena--silly, funny, happy, loving
5.  Drew--strong, leader, loving, caring, steadfast

This morning I was in a foul mood.  How could so many people be so dumb and clueless?  I was trying really hard to be positive and into the kitchen walks Elena.  My goodness!  My day was instantly better!
Honestly, I combed her hair after her shower and it was all pretty.  What she did during her sleep is beyond me.  We all laughed at her.  Elena the Lion!


  1. An echo of my thoughts today... Thank you for putting it so much more elegantly than I could find words for.

  2. Love this post for so many reasons. I LOL'd at Elena! Too funny! I look like that sometimes too.