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Saturday, November 10, 2012

RWB Veterans 10K Race Report

I arrived at the race so ready to run.  I was mentally prepared despite the weather.  I knew it would be hard and I was ready and then the opening ceremony began.  It was emotionally draining for me!

First, I did not have my phone with me to take pictures.  Biggest mistake ever...well, at least on this day.  So, I borrowed this from a friend's FB page.  This will always and forever make me cry.  This is how the flag was positioned at my Pop's funeral. 
Isn't that just great?!!!

Second, the veterans who are members of RWB arrived via the Woodlands Trolley.  They exited and walked or wheeled to the stage.  They were cheered by everyone as they arrived.   More tears from me.  Then all the other veterans present were called to the event stage.  Goodness!

Third, a local Color Guard presented the American flag and our local Congressman Kevin Brady spoke.  The Star Bangled Banner was sung oh so beautifully by a minister who then lead everyone in a very moving prayer.  For heaven's sake!  I was trying to prepare to run and all I could do was wipe away tears. 

The one fire truck lowered it ladder and moved it to the finish line.  So to start we ran under the big flag and then finished under the smaller flag...just AWESOME!
I realized right then and there that it did not matter what happened during my run.  It did not matter one little bit.  All the stress and planning was good, but other things were more important.  I was surrounded by people who had risked their life for me and this country.  That is so much more important than any race and race goal.  I was so glad I decided to run this race.  It was just so moving to be in the company of these amazing people.  Then, most of them raced.  Several runners had the blade leg and I just don't know how they run with that.  I think there were four wheelchair participants.  The race wheelchairs are the coolest looking things. 
The guy in the red shirt ran holding the flag the girl now has...seriously....it was windy!
My mantra for the race was "nothing I'm doing is as hard as what they did".  So true!  I PR'd today by 38 seconds and was so happy. I did not quite run my plan, but I did my best and I achieved my goal.  I was second in my AG and I think 7th women.  I haven't seen the official results yet, but it was 7th or 8th. 

My official time was 49:33.  I forgot to stop my Garmin immediately so my last split is not quite accurate.  My splits were 7:48, 7:52, 8:06, 8:07, 8:07, 8:02, and my watch had 8:01 for the last .21.  I know it had to be faster...oh well!  I was not passed during the last mile and I passed a few people.  I am very proud of that as well.  Trust me when I say I wanted to stop running.  I was tired and hot.  The last two miles is all up an incline...we don't have real hills.  However, it was just exhausting to be in a constant little climb.  I am proud that I picked up the pace again even if it was just a little bit!
I got a new sweatshirt!
I think I am going to retire from 10K's.  I find them gut busting hard and I don't really like them.  I broke the 50 minutes barrier and that was my goal!  I will continue to run this race, but will stick to the 5K I think!

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Our veterans---I can't say enough about their sacrifice and bravery
2.  Our soldiers and veterans families---I can't say enough about their sacrifice
3.  RWB---I can't say enough about an organization that uses exercise to improve the overall life of returning veterans!
4.  Achieving my 10K goal today---selfish but true.
5.  Living in Texas---I love this state (it took a while, but I do)!  I love that we say prayers before a race...God Bless this State!

Today's picture is of me and Samuel.  He won a medal at his soccer game today for his participation and sportsmanship!  He was so excited that we both got medals!!

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