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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes

I think my children are hilarious.  Don't all moms feel that way?  These are some of the "wows" that have come out of their mouths recently.

Elena - "that is ridiculous" when talking about something at dinner.  Apparently I use that word too much.

Jonah - "Mom, my social studies book is old because it has pictures of past presidents."  After I finished chuckling at that statement I explained that social studies is history which is learning about the past.

Samuel - Our hot water heater has not been working recently.  The other morning he decided to take a cold shower despite being warned.  He told Drew "I can handle it."

Emma - She was explaining to me how a gymnastics skill evolves from just learning to perfecting it.  She said "it is like a seed that is planted and then is sprouts and grows into a beautiful flower." 

Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff? 

Today I am thankful for:
1.  A great morning run.  It was chilly.  My mile splits were at 9 minutes or under and it felt pretty effortless.  I wish all runs were like this.

2.  The bloggy world---Yes, it can be addictive and a total time suck.  However, I have "met" some amazing and inspiring runners and women.  I love reading their blogs, feeling encouraged and inspired by them, and learning from them.

3.  Watching Samuel and Elena play---I often wonder if I let them play too much by themselves.  Am I "ignoring" them by doing other things or by just watching them?   Today I did not feel that way.  They have such a special relationship.  I think it is because they are close in age and they spend lots of time together.  I hope they always have a special connection to one another.

4.  Leftover meals---Seriously, who does not love this.  I did not have to prep much for dinner and it was still a great meal.  Sometimes I think the leftovers are better than when first served!

5.  Medicine---I don't feel well today and I am so glad for over the counter medicine.  I have felt better since I gave in and took something.  Why I wait so long is always a mystery.

Today's picture is of Samuel and Elena being crafty...well kind of crafty.  I am not crafty at all.  However, I decided we were going to make crayon shapes with our old broken crayons.  Samuel picked out the cookie cutters and peeled the paper off the crayons.  They both were so excited to see their new creations. 
Peeling the crayons
Filling the cookie cutters
Waiting for the crayons to melt and take shape
The final product

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