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Friday, November 9, 2012

Tomorrow is Race Day

Tomorrow I am getting redemption in the 10K.  Despite the wind and warm temperatures, I have decided tomorrow will be my day.  My attitude is the only thing I can control at this point and I plan to do just that.  Just to be fair, I will add that I really, really dislike this distance.  Do you sprint for 6 miles or what?  I can never decide and it is the worst challenge for me ever!

My coach gave me a plan.  I am going to run my plan and it will be my day!  Wish me luck!

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Great neighbors---Randy, Jamie, Kim, Leslie and their sweet kiddos.  They are all awesome, supportive, friendly, and helpful.  We could not be luckier!

2.  A playmate for Elena who is her age.  When you are 2, 3, and 4 I think that child plays mostly with the older siblings' friends.  It can be a challenge.  We are so lucky because our neighbor girl is three weeks older than Elena and they love each other.  It is fun to watch them be creative and play so well together. 
Aren't they cute?
3.  My bed---I know that probably sounds and is very selfish, but I love my bed.  I am thankful for it every night!  Can you tell I slept great last night?

4.  It is the weekend!  Yes, we are crazy busy, but it is my time of two days with my family.  We get to eat all our meals together, worship together at our church, play together, and work together.  I love the weekends!

5.  My health---I am feeling much better than yesterday.  Thank goodness since I am racing tomorrow.  In all seriousness though, I am healthy and strong.  I do not take that for granted!

Today's picture is of my first Christmas purchase.  I have bought gifts, but this is just a fun little purchase for us.  The kids were so happy!

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