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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bike Riding

Drew has given up many bike rides because of my marathon training.  I am very grateful.  It really does take a team to train for a marathon.  Today Drew had the opportunity to ride and four little people wanted to go on a bike ride as well. 

So, being the awesome daddy that he is, Drew took three bike rides.  Elena rode in the pull behind cart on two of the rides.  What a great daddy!  I did what I do best....take pictures!

Why can't I ride my tricycle?
Emma patiently waited for the last ride of the day.
Come on dad, let's go!
Jonah is very proud of his camel back!
So, those were my pictures of the day.

Today I am thankful for:
1.  Our church....we have a wonderful, loving staff that preaches a wonderful message each Sunday.  Today's message to love your neighbor as yourself was especially time because of the election and the aftermath of Sandy.

2.  Drew---he is such an amazing daddy.  How great that he gave up his bike ride to share that time with Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena.  What a gift!  I picked a good one!

3.  I went to the grocery store all by myself and that is always a gift.  It rarely happens.

4.  My bloggy friend Susan ran a marathon today.  She was supposed to run the NYC marathon and we all know what happened with that.  Since she was already in NYC she and her friend ran the 26.2 anyway.  Totally awesome and I love it!  So proud of her!  I am very thankful for her inspiration!!!

5.  I am thankful for fun treats on Sunday night.  We made homemade blizzards with leftover Halloween candy for dessert.  YUM!  I love that Drew bought a milkshake machine over 15 years ago because he thought it was cool.  We still have it and still use it to make fun treats. 

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