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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It is only a small FIRE

Today I was minding my own business messing around on the internet while Samuel and Elena rested.  That is when my rest became stress because of one phone call.  Haude called to say there had been a small fire at the school, the children were evacuated, and everyone was safe.  Um, what???  Of course, it is was a mass call so I could not ask questions and I had many!

I couldn't decide what to do.  Should I be one of those parents who immediately drives to the school to get my children?  Should I wait for them to come home on the bus?  Should I wait for another call?  What to do???

So, I called my friend and asked her what to do...really grown up of me I know!  She said I should go check it out and get back to her (her little girl was napping).  Her little boy is Jonah's BFF Connor so she was equally worried. 

When we arrived at the school there were several fire trucks, a rescue truck, a police car, and several district maintenance vans.  There were children outside by the cafeteria and on the playground.  It was chilly today so I was a little worried about them being outside for a long time. 

Being a good eavesdropper I listened to another parent's conversation with a teacher.  I learned that smoke was coming from a bathroom near some classrooms.  The building was immediately evacuated and the fire company was called.  Two responded.  This teacher did not know what caused the smoke, but huge and I mean huge fans were being used to clear the building.  The littler kids (pre-K and K) were allowed back in the building and the older children would soon follow. 

I felt so much better knowing this information.  It calmed my heart and mind to know that my children were safe.  I actually never doubted they were, but I felt much better.  Being the kind person I am (ha!) I texted a picture to Drew of the fire trucks in front of Haude.  He was a little alarmed, but then I told him what happened.  Yes, I took pictures!

When Emma and Jonah got off the bus they could hardly contain themselves with their exciting stories.  Emma was actually never allowed back into her classroom because the fire was near her room.  So, no homework for her or lunch box (gross) or coat for tomorrow morning.   She spent the remainder of the day in the gym.  Jonah returned to his classroom because it was in a different part of the building.  He could do his homework!  Emma reported through means of gossip that someone placed a firecracker in the soap dispenser.   Who knows!  Thankfully, it all ended well!!

So, that was the excitement in our lives today.  I am praying tomorrow is much calmer!

Today I am thankful for:
1.  The staff at Haude---obviously quality decisions were made and executed to keep all the children and staff safe.

2.  Our local fire companies---there are two within spitting distance of the school and they did their job well today.  It is a job I could never do, but I am so thankful that others are willing to train and protect others in a time of need.

3.  The Texans win on Sunday night---one they won and that is great, but more importantly that meant free slushes at Sonic today.  Not small slushes either...20 ounces!  Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena were super happy about that treat today. 
The four kiddos split them
4.  Paolo---she cleans our house every other week and today was her day.  I love when she leaves because everything is clean.  With a child home all the time I never have the entire house perfectly clean on the same day.  It will be messy tomorrow or someone will spill something tonight so I enjoy it while I can.

5.  My friend Kim---We are PA transplants who found each other in Spring, Texas...small world.  She is such a wonderful friend and huge lifeline for me.  She is my family away from family.  Today we met for muffins for maybe 45 minutes to catch up and visit.  It was just a breath of fresh air in my day!

Today's picture is of these two goofballs enjoying their cookies while Mommy ate her muffin.


  1. Thank the Lord for fire drills! Oh . . . Maya is going to love hearing this on their weekend phone call.

  2. How scary!!! Glad everything is ok!!!

  3. Good timing. We are doing fire drills at home this week.

  4. I guess I should read your blog more often! I just now saw that you are thankful for me! :) I too am thankful and grateful for the wonderful bond and friendship we have shared and will continue to share. Love you!