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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It ended like it began

Our first official family activity of the summer was attending the Rice Regional  baseball games. It was a crazy weekend filled with delays, lots of action, extra inning games, rain and sunshine.  It was one of my favorite things we did all summer. It helped to grow our kiddos love of baseball especially Samuel. 

That was the first weekend in June. And, if you count the two previous Rice games we went to, we were well on our way to double digit baseball games for the summer.  In total we attended 11 games. 

Throughout the summer we have been to college games, college summer league games, A and AA games, an independent league game, and two MLB games. We saw games in Texas, North Carolina (just the boys), Vermont, and Pennsylvania.  It has been a fun and crazy thing for us. 

This past weekend we went to our final game of the summer. It was the Sugarland Skeeters, who play in an independent baseball league. Many of the players are former MLB players or guys who weren't drafted. 

The ballpark was super family friendly. If Sugarland was closer we would definitely attend more games. There was a playground, a splash pad, a merry-go-round, and bounce houses. The kids loved all that in addition to our seats on the outfield hill. 

The kids got lunch boxes which was a fun surprise. Samuel has used his every day since Saturday. 

The playground had lots of rope climbing things which they all liked. 

Getting seats on the hill was a good choice. First, it was a hill and they love to roll down hills. 
Samuel and Elena 

The hill allowed Jonah to practice his jumping skills. So strange he is, but the pictures are fun. 

The second great thing about sitting in the outfield was being by the bullpen. Samuel LOVES that.  He watched those pitchers and catchers forever. 

Even Emma spent a good bit of time watching. 

We had such a fun evening. It was crazy hot...like 98 degrees at game time, but we managed. Drew and I both commented on it feeling chilly at the end of the game. We are nuts because it was 85 degrees. 

I am going to miss going to baseball games with my kiddos. Thankfully we have football to hold us over to spring when the fun can begin again!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Today was the first day of school

How on earth is the summer over already and school beginning? Jeez!!!  Since I can't stop time this morning came way to quickly and I sent three kids to school on the 
bus and took Elena to school. Our new schedule is in full swing. 

Emma is in 6th grade and starting at Strack Intermediate.  I asked Emma how she felt this morning on the verge of new adventures and she said "good and a tad nervous!"

She had a good first day and was happy to learn that her BFF is in her science class. 

Elena is finally in Pre-K. That is her sentiment while mine is shock. When I asked her how she felt this morning she said "I am so glad school is finally starting."   Elena had a fun day and was excited to see her friends again. 

The girls are the last two at the house. The boys get the bus at 7:25am, but I did manage a group picture just after Emma woke up. 

Silly girls 

Jonah is in third grade and will have switch teachers this year. Jonah reporting feeling nervous this morning, but said he had a good first day. His favorite thing today was doing no work. 

Samuel is in first grade and very excited about school.  This morning he said "I feel awesome and lucky to have a great teacher!"  He also had a good day, but wasn't feeling as lucky as Jonah. Samuel had to do work today. 

I hope the enthusiasm continues...well for the most part at least!  Here's to a wonderful and rewarding 2014-15 school year. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The summer favorites

Last year I asked my kiddos for some of their favorite summer memories. I decided to do the same again this year. It is a fun way for us to think about all the amazing adventures we had. I also asked them separately so there could be no obvious copying. I enjoyed their answers.  So, without any more waiting....

I asked them to think about one great thing from each place we went. From our visit to Grammy and Grandpa's they all said.....

Going to the Harrisburg Senators game and meeting Ricky Hague!  Maybe a hint for next summer!!

From our visit to the Tirch's they all said...

Kennywood because it was pretty awesome!

Elena also said playing dress-up with Ella!  She talks about Ella every day!

From our visit wth Mammy and Pappy in North Carolina...

Emma said going to Atlantic Beach.

Jonah almost said the beach. In fact it was mentioned by all, but for Elena, Samuel, and Jonah boating was the winner. 

Elena really liked the boat rides to get ice cream at The Bean. 

From Eagle Camp, Jonah was the only one who did not say playing with our cousins. 

Jonah said paddle boarding and kayaking. 
He really did get on the paddle board himself, but I had a picture fail with that. 

Finally, at home going to the zoo was the winner for Emma and Jonah. 
Emma also said going to the lazy river which we did three times. 

Samuel said going to the Astros game. 

Elena said the 4th of July bike parade!

I loved everything we did this summer. Thinking back on everything we were blessed to do this summer I cannot pick a moment. I am just so thankful for our loving family and friends who give us all these wonderful memories!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Visiting the zoo

Today is the last Friday before school starts on Monday. I am actually quite sad about school beginning. We have had a great summer and it passed way too fast. So, to add to our summer of fun the kids and I planned several fun activities for this week. Going to the zoo was requested by all. 

We can't go on an adventure without a group selfie!

I prepped the kids each day on how hot it would be. It was 90 when we arrived at 10a and 100 when we left at 2:30. We took out time looking at the animals, used each mister we passed, and the kids went to the slash pad twice. We survived, but wow was it hot today!

All wet from the splash pad

We saw all the exhibits except the reptiles. No big loss if you ask me. We loved the giraffes so much and they are by the splash pad so we visited them a few times. 

The baby!

Another baby!

We happened upon the seals at feeding time so we saw a quick show.  It was really fun and we all loved it!

Jonah loved the primates. He studied them all very intently!

He is very excited by a new exhibit coming in 2015. 

The kids wanted to take pictures by almost every animal statue. I couldn't deny that request. 

They also pretended to be the meerkats. 

They thought they were apes at one point. 

They were pretty exhausted more from the heat then the walking so I decided a treat was needed. 
So hot!

My sweet kiddos and I have had lots of fun together this summer!