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Friday, August 15, 2014

Eagle Camp...so much family

As I have mentioned previously, Drew's family is very large. One of the best things about camp is being able to visit with almost all his cousins, aunts, and uncles in addition to his immediate family. 
This is the first time in years that just about everyone was at camp. 

Someone said that there were 72 family members in this picture. I know it was a lot and camp was so fun because of it!

Hetty was the first person to greet us when we arrived at our little cabin. Hetty lived with Drew's family for one year almost 30 years ago. She is a part of the family and she comes to camp every year. 

There are so many cousins to play with that Drew and I don't see much of the kids during the day. They are too busy playing and visiting. 
Kristen, Lauren, Emma, Elena, and Madeline

Samuel and Nolan are best buds at camp. I wish we lived closer to them for many reasons. But, these two being able to hang out regularly would be awesome. I swear sometimes they are the same person. 

We went to a single A baseball game in Burlington. Luke and Hayden came with us. Listening to these four boys talk about the game and whatever else was hilarious. 

Elise, Samuel, Nolan, and Mary are either 6 or 7. By the end of the week they all had lost their two top middle teeth. It was kind of funny!

A big group eating together at the picnic...Holly, Miriam, Mary, Luke, Nolan, Samuel, Jonah, Claire, and Neala. 

Samuel, Miriam, and Andrew 

Huge numbers of family watching the shuffle board finals. Tournament finals are a big deal!

Drew, Jonah, Claire, and Greta playing in a shuffleboard tournament. 

Beth and John versus Drew and Emma in bocce. Emma is actually pretty good at bocce. She just might be our first family member to win a tournament. 

More bocce playing with Scott and Brian

Kristin and Emma against Luke and Colin 

Doug and Colin played Samuel and Drew in golf croquet. This is a game unique to camp and it is fun. This was Samuel's first year to play and he did well. Colin and Doug were kind to him and Drew!

Brian and Neala beat me and Emma at golf croquet. Emma is not very good at this game. Jonah was my bocce partner and we lost in the first round too. Maybe next year. 

Emily, Drew, Lara and Greta 

And with Gail 

Now I just have one more post about camp before I share all about Pittsburgh. Camp was just too much fun this year to gloss over anything!

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