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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Playing at Eagle Camp

Last week was Eagle Camp.  It is one of our favorite weeks of the year.  Lake Champlain is simply beautiful and peaceful. That combined with all the time with Drew's family makes it a great seven days. 

Ferry ride to camp across Lake Champlain...excuse the ferry hair. 

Eagle Camp is full of traditions. Meals are at the same time, the food is the same, the games are the same, and rest hour is the same. I don't think anyone could handle too much change because part of  the appeal is the predictibility of camp.  On top of all that, the weather was awesome. 

We do lots of playing at camp. There is just too much space on land and water to enjoy. 

Practicing skipping rocks

A little flag football among cousins

Brian gives the handoff to Samuel

Footballers...thanks Brian!

Volleyball lessons from Aunt Beth. Volleyball is a big deal in the Woodworth family so the little kids are always excited to learn. Someday they can join the big leagues!

Bikes rides with daddy!  There are lots of hills around camp. Jonah was in heaven speeding down them. Apparently Samuel and Jonah hit 20-25 mph going down Sunset Hill...yikes. Jonah said it was "amazing!"

Lots of kayaking which Jonah loves!  Yeah to Aunt Beth for letting us borrow her kayak. 

Some sailing with Daddy. Emma and Kristen went with Drew as well. 

I finally got to try paddle boarding and I loved it. It wasn't hard like I thought it would be. I can't wait to do it again. Drew and Jonah did not like it very much. Emma thought it was fun. I think Samuel prefers the kayak like Jonah. 

Swimming and some more swimming. Despite the cold water getting in the lake is a must. All the kids...especially the boys...like to swim to the raft and jump off until exhaustion hits. 

Samuel, Jonah, and Hayden

Elena, Mary, and Claire 

I run lots because it is my favorite place on earth to run. There are hills and great views and no traffic. On this day I ran to the sand bar bridge which is about a 9 mile run. 

This was my view for lots of the run. Not too bad...

There was so much fun to have and I didn't get pictures of everything. My kids probably would have hated me if I tried that craziness. 

Stay tuned....Eagle Camp can never be one post.  

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