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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More from Eagle Camp...the rock walks

The shoreline is very rocky, but also very pretty. The boys love to take walks with Drew and check out all the fossils. This year they invited the girls!  Emma was a stinker and picked her cousins over us!

Most of the shoreline can be walked along with little difficulty. There is one tricky spot that Elena could not do safely. Drew had to carry her to the next safe spot. Better daddy than me because it involved walking on slippery wet rocks. 

At one point we walked under the rocks. So, being the fun mom I am, I made the kids pretend they were holding up the rocks. Really it was just a fun picture taking opportunity. 

I thought this tree was super cool. The picture is not upside down. 

We don't ever dress up at camp...style is dead and comfort is king!  That is the camp motto and I like to live up to it all week long!

Samuel fussed at me every single time I made him stop walking so I could take a picture.

Oh my goodness, I love this picture!

This is looking along the shore line the other way from the first picture. 

After the mostly family hike, Elena and I decided to take a mommy and Elena hike on the other side of the swim area. It was all fun until Elena fell and got hurt. 
We picked wildflowers. 

She was having so much fun. 

She is too cute!

And, here is a surprise. I have more to share from camp. The walks were so much fun. My kiddos are big explorers except for Emma. Seeing the world through their young eyes is fun!

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