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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just being with family

Our summer trip is all about being with family. We see both sets of my parents and Drew's mom. We get to spend lots of time with Kelsey and her family. I wish we could see Kristin and her family more. Then at camp we get to spend a week with Drew's sisters, their families, and many of his cousins. 

Thankfully everyone is used to my over the top need to take lots of pictures. During the past two weeks I was able to get some really good ones. 

We had our annual birthday celebration!

We cheered on Maya and Hanna at their district swim meet!  Both girls were awesome too!

These sweet girls did some tree hugging. 

Hanna, Jonah, and Samuel went to a baseball game with Pappy!  The Moorehead Marlins won. 

The older girls had a baby shower for Kels and Scott. 

Leah, Maya, hanna, Emma, and Elena 

This sweet family is getting a brother in 7 weeks!

Kels is one of my favorite people!

These awesome guys saved my thirsty self by bringing me extra water. Who knew I would drink more than 20 ounces of water on a 14 mile run?!  Samuel looks awesome wearing the googles!

Drew came after two long weeks apart!

Jonah looked super cool at the pool. 

Love all these kids so much!

Kelsey and I with all our kiddos and baby to be!

Meghan with her fan club!  Each child so loves their time with Meghan each summer!

The sisters, the mom-aunt, the cousin-niece. 

Super silly parents giving the kids dessert before dinner. 

Me and my sweet girl. She does love her accessories!

Me and my Hanna

Love this picture of us so much. 

How cute is this with Scott's hand on the baby belly!?

The kids and I have perfected the group selfie this summer. 

Great memories with my family

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