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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


There has been tons of fishing happening this past week. The kids love to fish off the dock. Nothing has been caught except a stingray by Kelsey and some crabs. Still, they are learning to bait hooks, cast, and fix easy fishing line problems. All good life skills...

Elena and Leah were playing in the bait bucket. Elena thought it was so exciting to catch them. Then she would scream really loudly. With all that noise there weren't any fish caught that night. 

A little crab caught by Emma. She had just returned from the gym hence the leo. 

Beach fishing and a little chatting between Pappy and Emma

She just likes to look pretty. 

These two like to fish the most...Hanna and Samuel

Team work...

Maybe next year someone will catch something we can eat!

Views from the creek

This is going to be a post all about the beauty that is Dawson Ceeek. 

The dock

From my parents dock looking up to the river. The creek is not very small.

I saw this view almost every morning on my runs

This is actually on the Neuse River

We didn't get too see any amazing sunsets, but it was still a pretty sight. 

Again, the river as we entered the Oriental Harbor

The river with a military plane flying overhead. They fly from Cherry Point almost daily and I LOVE to watch the planes. This particular plane was huge!

Not a creek view, but a cool shot of a military jet. 

Until next year...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Playing at another beach

In years past we have not boated to any of the beaches along Neuse River. I can't figure out why because we are having a blast exploring these new beaches.  We have been to one particular beach twice because it has a calm and rough side...twice the fun. The guys can fish. And, there is a sand bar that the kids love. On top of all that it is simply beautiful. 

Boys playing

Lots of digging in the sand. The kids obviously had to wear life jackets on the boat. I don't know why they decided to leave them on to play. Silly if you ask me because it was hot. 

Me and my boys...gotta love beach hair. 

Finally fewer life jackets...Emma with Elena and Leah

There was some kayaking. Both boats are big enough to transport the boats to the beach. 

Obligatory handstand by Emma

Elena is quite silly

Mammy and Pappy

These two little girls love each other so much. 


All 7...Leah, Samuel, Elena, Jonah, Emma, Maya, Hanna 

Me and my kiddos

We are loving these beach days especially after all the rain we have had. These kids are so happy digging in sand. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our trip to New Bern

Tuesday we went into New Bern for our annual breakfast trip. There is a restaurant that makes homemade bread so the French toast is so yummy. The kids love it.  They serve this butter, brown sugar syrup that I think is gross. I am the only one. 

After we took some fun pictures with the bears. There are bear statues all over the city because Bern means bear. Again, the kids love them. 

Who knows why Samuel was squatting like that. 

Scott took this gem of me. He thought I looked hilarious with Samuel's hat propped on my head. Funny guy!

Mammy and Pappy with the crew

We were wasting time until our pottery appointment time. We passed this great brick building and the brick was old. I could have posed my kids there all day, but I had to settle for a few instead. 

I love this picture so much. 

After all the posing we painted pottery. It was a fun morning. 

They painted an L and an E. 

Scott helped Elena....thank goodness. 

The big girls

All the pottery was so cute.  Mammy and Pappy helped create another fun summer day and memory for us all.