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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beach and Boat day

Oh my goodness...today was finely a great day to play in the Neuse River. We started early...like before 8am...in case storms rolled in. We boated in the new boat which was so exciting. It held all 12 of us. We eventually went back for the other boat so we could get right up to the beach. 

The lovely Neuse River

The kids were ready to go. 

We have never taken the kids to this beach before so it was a new adventure for us all. 

We had lots of fun playing in the water, watching the kids try to paddle board using the kayaks, and playing in the sand. 

Scott driving the boat

Emma too

Elena too!

The boys loved it when we picked up speed. 

All the kiddos

Samuel and the girls trying to paddle board

The girls trying to paddle board

Digging in the sand

The only bummer in our morning was when Elena was stung by a jelly fish. She  was just so sad, but thankfully we had all that sand available to help take away the sting. 

Me, mom, and Kelsey

Such a great new boat...the Motley Crew!

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  1. Looks like a the whole lot of the kids feel totally at home on the boat. S and J reminded me of Drew looking off into the wild blue yonder. Is it just clearer or did Samuel loose another tooth since playing in the rain? Please tell your mom I really think her hair looks great..So glad you had some sunshine! Love seeing you all.