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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day one Summer Trip 2014

Yesterday the kids and I left at 8am for a long weekend of driving. Friday was supposed to be just over nine hours of travel time. With stops I figured it would just over a ten hour day. Lucky us it was closer to twelve hours. The traffic and construction on I-10 was horrible and then we drove into bad weather.  I have never been so happy to drive into Mississippi because there was almost no other cars. It was so less stressful. Despite all the delays the kids did really well.  I probably only had to answer "how much longer" a couple of times. I am so glad they are good travelers. Of course, having a DVD player that plays two different movies was plenty to keep them entertained for most of the day. 

I did take lots of pictures when we stopped. Since Drew is not with is I wanted to send him pictures all day long. We are missing him!

So, enjoy our day in pictures as we traveled from home through Louisiana and Mississippi to our hotel in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Taken by Drew...

All loaded and ready to go. 

The welcome center in Louisiana. 

There was a lovely lake perfect for taking a selfie!

Yep...it was quite the storm. 

Traffic was at a stand still because of the rain. So annoying!

Still raining so we did not visit the welcome to Mississippi visitors center. 

This was a great rest stop and welcome center. In fact, Alabama had the best rest areas of any state visited so far. 

Cute kiddos...

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