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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our trip to New Bern

Tuesday we went into New Bern for our annual breakfast trip. There is a restaurant that makes homemade bread so the French toast is so yummy. The kids love it.  They serve this butter, brown sugar syrup that I think is gross. I am the only one. 

After we took some fun pictures with the bears. There are bear statues all over the city because Bern means bear. Again, the kids love them. 

Who knows why Samuel was squatting like that. 

Scott took this gem of me. He thought I looked hilarious with Samuel's hat propped on my head. Funny guy!

Mammy and Pappy with the crew

We were wasting time until our pottery appointment time. We passed this great brick building and the brick was old. I could have posed my kids there all day, but I had to settle for a few instead. 

I love this picture so much. 

After all the posing we painted pottery. It was a fun morning. 

They painted an L and an E. 

Scott helped Elena....thank goodness. 

The big girls

All the pottery was so cute.  Mammy and Pappy helped create another fun summer day and memory for us all. 

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