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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Playing America's Pastime

Over the weekend we were finally able to go to the park and play baseball.  We tried a few weeks ago, but we were rained out.  Of course, we did not play a real game because the teams would not have been even.  We just took turns hitting and running the bases.  Drew was the designated pitcher unless he was hitting.  Then I pitched.  Even Elena played.  She enjoyed running the bases more than hitting, but she did have two hits.  Samuel was a crazy man the entire time.  He chased all the balls, ran the bases, stole some bases, and slid into every base possible.  The boy loves his baseball!

All my players
Emma catching and Samuel batting

Elena spent more time doing this than anything, but she was cute doing it

Samuel played all out the entire time and he was getting tired

Emma waiting her turn
Jonah in the field

Jonah plastered himself to the back stop as a target

After all our fun we had to have a treat!  Sonic is always good for that!

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