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Friday, February 27, 2015

The chaos of sickness

The past seven days in my house can be described as organized chaos.  I say this because between cousins visiting...so fun Maddie and Claire...., a birthday celebration, and baseball there has been lots of sickness at our house.  I have used more Lysol and issued more orders of "don't touch" than I ever have in my parenting years.  I have seen way too much of this...

Don't even get me started on Drew.  He needed IV fluids to begin the process of feeling back to normal.  Since last Friday everyone has been majorly sick except for me and Samuel.  I thank God several times a day that Samuel and I have been spared!  Samuel and Jonah share a room and Jonah is on the top bunk.  I had to make Jonah a bed on the floor because climbing down the ladder in cast while trying not to puke on the floor was too much of a challenge.  In an attempt to keep Samuel healthy I made him a bed on my bedroom floor.
A happy Samuel that he is not sick!
On top of the stomach issues everyone had, Emma and Jonah also have strep.  Yeah...why not add more fun to the party.  Jonah was so tired and pathetic at the clinic that he literally fell asleep with his arms in the air holding the puke bag.  It was so sad, but I had to laugh about it or I might have cried.

Samuel and I have tried to carry on as normal as possible, but it has been challenging.  He and I escaped to a Rice Baseball game.  Neither one of us wanted to be around the sick people anymore so we braved the cold and windy evening.

Samuel was picked to participate in a promo between innings.  He was thrilled...kind of...to be on the big screen.

He was also excited that he chased down a foul ball.  It helps when no one else comes to 13-1 blow out in 45 degrees.  He didn't care about any of that and refused to leave until the game was over...that boy!

Baseball didn't stop there because he also had baseball practice this week.  Again, it was so windy and cold, but I love watching the total joy and determination on his face for this game.

Today Emma went back to school.  Elena is her normal silly, chatty self again.  Drew and Jonah are on the road to recovery.  I pray that next week we can return to our "normal" craziness.  I much prefer it!

I saw this on Instagram yesterday I think and thought it could not be more true...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Samuel!

Today at 7:25am Samuel turned 7!  Samuel being Samuel refused to say he was 7 until the time passed that he was born.  He said repeatedly he was so glad his birthday did not occur when he was on the bus or at night.  That would have been too long to wait!  He is so silly!

So Samuel here is you at age 7....

1.  You are loud.  You talk loudly, yell loudly, whisper loudly...you are just loud!
2.  You are the most stubborn person I know.  You never give in to anything and always suffer the consequences of your stubborness.
3.  You are smart...really smart.  You are really good at math and reading.
4.  You play hard. 
5.  You love to be outside playing anything.
6.  You love to be dirty and the dirtier the better. 
7.  You are determined. You get this look on your face and it is all over from there.  You will figure it out if it takes all day.
8.  You are happy.
9.  You love baseball and football with a passion.
10.  You absorb information like a sponge.
11.  You still want to be an Army Ranger.
12.  You are kind even when you don't want to be.
13.  You love, love, love music.  Classical music and piano music are quickly becoming one of your passions.
14.  You want to be doing whatever your Daddy is doing...doesn't matter what that might be.
15.  You still embarass easily.
16.  You are shy around adults you don't know or know well.
17.  Your favorite things to play with are your military toys, Imaginex, and Pokemon.
18.   You like to say the most off the wall things just to be silly.
19.  You hate homework.
20.  You are a sweet boy!

Emma described you as ridiculously crazy.  Elena said you were cute.  Jonah said you were annoying, but sweet.

I have to agree with all of them.  You are definitely those things.  
Thrilled to get this CD
Very happy about his new baseball bag
Even happier about this military boat
We love you so much and it is a joy and blessing to be your parents.  I love being your mom even on the hard days.  I am so proud of the boy you are becoming.  Your heart is huge and it matches your smile. 

This expression is so you
Happy Birthday sweet Samuel!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today I turned 40!!  I am not sure what I think about being in a new decade. I do like being in a new age group for running!

When I thought about my birthday it honestly made me sad and probably not for the normal reasons one would think.  My 30's were amazing.  I had 3 babies.  I have watched them and Emma become little people who continually amaze me.  Drew and I have established a solid foundation for our life as a couple and as a family.  We are rock solid without a doubt in a my mind.

Most importantly in my 30's I really figured out me.  I know who I am.  I know what I love to do.  I know what kind of parent, wife, friend, etc I want to be.  I know what keeps me happy and moving forward. I know what gives me strength.  I know the path I need to be on to continue working on me so I can be the person I want to be each day.

So, I was nervous to turn 40 because can my 30's be topped?  I have no doubt it is possible.  I am almost to a new life stage as a mom (all kids in school full-time) and it will be exciting.  Being my kiddos mom is the best and guiding them on their journey...especially Emma at the moment...is frightening and thrilling all at the same time.  I don't know what the next decade holds for me, but I pray it is filled with as many blessings as I experienced in my 30's!

My birthday celebration began with a date with Samuel.  His birthday is tomorrow so we are birthday buddies.  We went to a Rice game just the two of us and it was great.  He chatted with me for 9 innings and I'm still not sure if he took a breath.  Special time with him and a Rice win was a memory to cherish forever!
Isn't he the cutest?
Always so intent with watching the game
It was definitely chilly!

Today I have been spoiled and loved every minute of it!  My friends took me to lunch...so good!  I always love spending girl time with Kim, Ann Marie, and Carmalyn.  Leslie gave me the sweetest gift and I can't wait until our birthday lunch next week.  Saturday is a big fun birthday dinner with a bunch of my friends!  I try to drag out my birthday celebrations as long as possible!
Carmalyn, Kim, me, and Ann Marie
I appreciated each Facebook message and text and phone call.  It is fun to feel all the love from family and friends.

My family is the best!  They...specifically Drew...spoiled me the most.  I have decided after today that I should turn 40 every year...just kidding maybe!  They gave me a really lovely fountain for our porch.  It will be so pretty when Drew gets it all working.  The big surprise for me was this....
Premium package people...cannot wait for this concert in July!!

And then there was this....no words....I am still in shock!!  We are going in April or May.  I get to decide!!

That's right!  Drew and I are taking a vacation just the two of us for 4 days and we will be staying in a private bungalow.  Holy cow...cannot wait even more for this!  I am thinking Drew wanted to make my 40th birthday pretty special.  Drew...you succeeded big time! Love, love, love you and for more than just giving me amazing presents. 

All in all today was beyond words.  I am so loved and so grateful for everyone in my life.  I think my 40's will be the best yet!

Monday, February 16, 2015

An awful Rhythm and Blues half marathon

This was opening weekend for Rice Baseball.  The team was home so we had four games to attend this weekend.  It is something that we have all been excited about since we told the kids we got season tickets on Christmas Day. The first game was Friday night.  It started off lovely and ended up chilly pretty quickly.  And, yes I will get to the half marathon recap!

One of my favorite things for the kids to see and this happens before every game!
Jonah was cold
Such a great view and place to watch baseball
Jonah and I were snuggling to stay warm...excuse the creepy guy in the background

Emma thought it was hilarious I put on gloves
Rice played UT and lost Friday night.  They should have won...oh well....three more games to go!

Saturday was an amazing day to watch baseball in February.  It was sunny and in the 70's.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day.  We spent the day on the outfield hill instead of in our seats.  This allowed the kids to play and watch at the same time.  It allowed me and Drew some uninterrupted baseball watching time.  The other super cool thing about watching on the hill was meeting several former Rice players.  Three signed Jonah's cast.  Samuel's favorite player from last year signed a C-USA ball for him.  It is now one of his most prized possessions.  The Rice players we have met are always super nice and friendly.  I think it is definitely a perk of a small school.  Rice won both games!

Happy Valentine's Day to us...doing something we love together.

Post game silly selfie
Sunday morning was the half marathon.  I was super excited to run this race until Saturday night when I looked really closely at the course map.  It was then I realized how hilly it would be.  Not too excited about that and the weather forecast getting warmer by the minute.  It was not good news for me.  Sunday morning it was 65 degrees with 90% humidity at the start...ugh!  The course was hilly and the last 1.5 miles was mostly uphill including an uphill finish....seriously.  I live in Houston and this course was in the hilliest section of the city.  I knew by mile 5 that my goal for the race was not going to happen. I knew by mile 8 I was not even going to get a PR.  By mile 10 I was just running angry.  I did not care much that the course and weather were a challenge.  I did not care that the wind was annoying.  I did not care that the severely uneven roads were killing my hip (thank goodness my foot was fine).  I did not care about any of that.  I was just angry that my hard work since Thanksgiving felt like a waste of my time.  Angry, angry, angry was all I could feel.  I gutted out the last three miles as best I could.  As soon as I finished I grabbed two bottles of water, my medal which I didn't look at for hours, and I left.  I just left and walked to my car. 

On the way home I cried.  Then I texted Susan and she talked me off the ledge.  Then I texted Erin and she got me thinking like a normal person again.  Thank goodness for these two amazing women.  They said the right things...good and bad....just like I needed to hear them.  They both made me laugh and cry!

Running is brutal, but it is also beautiful.  It has shown me so much about myself.  I was ready to walk off that course at mile 6 and go to church.  I don't quit so I couldn't talk myself into going through with that plan.  I decided to stick out the brutal aspect of running on a hard day.  The beauty of running came to me from my friends who provided me with love, encouragement, and perspective.  I only know them because of running and for that I am so thankful.

I finished in 1:50.04.  I finished 8/129 in my AG and 45/870 female runners.  I wanted better and that is my goal for March.  Personally disappointing races just fuel the desire to work harder for the next race.   

Thankfully the weekend ended on a good note.  Rice lost in extra innings because of another stupid error, but we had a great day.  This is going to be a fun season and we will definitely be making some great memories between now and May.  The decision to give experiences for Christmas has been so worth it!