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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today I turned 40!!  I am not sure what I think about being in a new decade. I do like being in a new age group for running!

When I thought about my birthday it honestly made me sad and probably not for the normal reasons one would think.  My 30's were amazing.  I had 3 babies.  I have watched them and Emma become little people who continually amaze me.  Drew and I have established a solid foundation for our life as a couple and as a family.  We are rock solid without a doubt in a my mind.

Most importantly in my 30's I really figured out me.  I know who I am.  I know what I love to do.  I know what kind of parent, wife, friend, etc I want to be.  I know what keeps me happy and moving forward. I know what gives me strength.  I know the path I need to be on to continue working on me so I can be the person I want to be each day.

So, I was nervous to turn 40 because can my 30's be topped?  I have no doubt it is possible.  I am almost to a new life stage as a mom (all kids in school full-time) and it will be exciting.  Being my kiddos mom is the best and guiding them on their journey...especially Emma at the moment...is frightening and thrilling all at the same time.  I don't know what the next decade holds for me, but I pray it is filled with as many blessings as I experienced in my 30's!

My birthday celebration began with a date with Samuel.  His birthday is tomorrow so we are birthday buddies.  We went to a Rice game just the two of us and it was great.  He chatted with me for 9 innings and I'm still not sure if he took a breath.  Special time with him and a Rice win was a memory to cherish forever!
Isn't he the cutest?
Always so intent with watching the game
It was definitely chilly!

Today I have been spoiled and loved every minute of it!  My friends took me to lunch...so good!  I always love spending girl time with Kim, Ann Marie, and Carmalyn.  Leslie gave me the sweetest gift and I can't wait until our birthday lunch next week.  Saturday is a big fun birthday dinner with a bunch of my friends!  I try to drag out my birthday celebrations as long as possible!
Carmalyn, Kim, me, and Ann Marie
I appreciated each Facebook message and text and phone call.  It is fun to feel all the love from family and friends.

My family is the best!  They...specifically Drew...spoiled me the most.  I have decided after today that I should turn 40 every year...just kidding maybe!  They gave me a really lovely fountain for our porch.  It will be so pretty when Drew gets it all working.  The big surprise for me was this....
Premium package people...cannot wait for this concert in July!!

And then there was this....no words....I am still in shock!!  We are going in April or May.  I get to decide!!

That's right!  Drew and I are taking a vacation just the two of us for 4 days and we will be staying in a private bungalow.  Holy cow...cannot wait even more for this!  I am thinking Drew wanted to make my 40th birthday pretty special.  Drew...you succeeded big time! Love, love, love you and for more than just giving me amazing presents. 

All in all today was beyond words.  I am so loved and so grateful for everyone in my life.  I think my 40's will be the best yet!

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