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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The exhaustion of my days

Today was nuts...just totally nuts.  Our schedule is always a little crazy, but it exploded this week.  First, Jonah's gym schedule changed because of that pesky broken ankle.  Secondly, Samuel started baseball practice this week.  And, as always, I feel a little sorry for Elena because she spends so much time in the car watching and waiting for Emma, Jonah, and/or Samuel.

I know I am not the only busy mom in the world.  My days are not unique to being a mom.  All mom's are busy.  It is the nature of the job.  I just thought I would share some of our crazy so my friends and family would understand my "stressed out don't talk to me attitude I have somewhere to be". 
February in a glance and it seems to get fuller daily
So, this was our day....

6:15 I wake up

6:45 Get the boys up and ready for school

7:15 Wake up Emma so she can get ready for school

7:25 Boys leave on the bus for school

7:30 I leave for a 5 mile run

8:20 Leave the house to take Emma to school because it is Tuesday and that is library day

8:40 -11:00  Finish exercising, eat breakfast, get ready for the day, start laundry, get Elena ready for the day, pick up from the morning, and get stuff ready to mail to family and friends

11:15  Go to UPS store and drop off envelopes.  Go to the park for lunch and enjoy the best part of my day

2:00  Get home after two glorious hours outside with Elena wondering around our favorite park

2:30-3:30  Make dinner or as much as I can and help Elena finish making her Valentines.  One quick trip to the store because we did not have enough M & M's
Cute little Valentines from Elena
3:35  Boys get off the bus.  They have a snack and get ready for evening activities

3:55 Leave to pick up Emma and her friend from school.  Drop them off at the gym for practice

4:30-5  Samuel has piano practice and Jonah does his homework.  Elena colors

5-6:10  Samuel has baseball practice and yes we were late because of the overlap.  Elena and Jonah play on the playground

6:30  Drop off Jonah at the gym for practice (late because of baseball practice)

7:00  Leave after eating a quick dinner to pick up Emma at the gym

7:15-8  Take Emma to her cello lesson and I wait....30 glorious minutes to read.  She does her homework in the car

8-8:30 Pick up Jonah at the gym and take Emma and Jonah home so they can eat dinner

8:30-9:15  Help Drew get the kids ready for bed, clean up from dinner, and prepare lunches for tomorrow

9:30  I really need a drink after this day but instead I am writing this blog!

I love my kiddos and am so thankful they love to be active. I really do enjoy fostering their love of music and sports.  But, on days like today when it seems like everyone has to be somewhere at the same time and it goes on forever, I might just want to wave the white flag.  And, thank goodness tomorrow is a new day!

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