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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Samuel!

Today at 7:25am Samuel turned 7!  Samuel being Samuel refused to say he was 7 until the time passed that he was born.  He said repeatedly he was so glad his birthday did not occur when he was on the bus or at night.  That would have been too long to wait!  He is so silly!

So Samuel here is you at age 7....

1.  You are loud.  You talk loudly, yell loudly, whisper loudly...you are just loud!
2.  You are the most stubborn person I know.  You never give in to anything and always suffer the consequences of your stubborness.
3.  You are smart...really smart.  You are really good at math and reading.
4.  You play hard. 
5.  You love to be outside playing anything.
6.  You love to be dirty and the dirtier the better. 
7.  You are determined. You get this look on your face and it is all over from there.  You will figure it out if it takes all day.
8.  You are happy.
9.  You love baseball and football with a passion.
10.  You absorb information like a sponge.
11.  You still want to be an Army Ranger.
12.  You are kind even when you don't want to be.
13.  You love, love, love music.  Classical music and piano music are quickly becoming one of your passions.
14.  You want to be doing whatever your Daddy is doing...doesn't matter what that might be.
15.  You still embarass easily.
16.  You are shy around adults you don't know or know well.
17.  Your favorite things to play with are your military toys, Imaginex, and Pokemon.
18.   You like to say the most off the wall things just to be silly.
19.  You hate homework.
20.  You are a sweet boy!

Emma described you as ridiculously crazy.  Elena said you were cute.  Jonah said you were annoying, but sweet.

I have to agree with all of them.  You are definitely those things.  
Thrilled to get this CD
Very happy about his new baseball bag
Even happier about this military boat
We love you so much and it is a joy and blessing to be your parents.  I love being your mom even on the hard days.  I am so proud of the boy you are becoming.  Your heart is huge and it matches your smile. 

This expression is so you
Happy Birthday sweet Samuel!!

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