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Friday, February 27, 2015

The chaos of sickness

The past seven days in my house can be described as organized chaos.  I say this because between cousins visiting...so fun Maddie and Claire...., a birthday celebration, and baseball there has been lots of sickness at our house.  I have used more Lysol and issued more orders of "don't touch" than I ever have in my parenting years.  I have seen way too much of this...

Don't even get me started on Drew.  He needed IV fluids to begin the process of feeling back to normal.  Since last Friday everyone has been majorly sick except for me and Samuel.  I thank God several times a day that Samuel and I have been spared!  Samuel and Jonah share a room and Jonah is on the top bunk.  I had to make Jonah a bed on the floor because climbing down the ladder in cast while trying not to puke on the floor was too much of a challenge.  In an attempt to keep Samuel healthy I made him a bed on my bedroom floor.
A happy Samuel that he is not sick!
On top of the stomach issues everyone had, Emma and Jonah also have strep.  Yeah...why not add more fun to the party.  Jonah was so tired and pathetic at the clinic that he literally fell asleep with his arms in the air holding the puke bag.  It was so sad, but I had to laugh about it or I might have cried.

Samuel and I have tried to carry on as normal as possible, but it has been challenging.  He and I escaped to a Rice Baseball game.  Neither one of us wanted to be around the sick people anymore so we braved the cold and windy evening.

Samuel was picked to participate in a promo between innings.  He was thrilled...kind of...to be on the big screen.

He was also excited that he chased down a foul ball.  It helps when no one else comes to 13-1 blow out in 45 degrees.  He didn't care about any of that and refused to leave until the game was over...that boy!

Baseball didn't stop there because he also had baseball practice this week.  Again, it was so windy and cold, but I love watching the total joy and determination on his face for this game.

Today Emma went back to school.  Elena is her normal silly, chatty self again.  Drew and Jonah are on the road to recovery.  I pray that next week we can return to our "normal" craziness.  I much prefer it!

I saw this on Instagram yesterday I think and thought it could not be more true...

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  1. Glad everyone's on the mend and the cold didn't keep you from going out for a little fun!