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Friday, March 6, 2015

Gymnastics, Rodeo-ing, and Words

Finally "the sickness" has left our house and some sort of normal has returned.  It was a much better week!

Our week started with Emma's last level four gymnastics meet.  It is held at our gym and it is really one last hooray for the girls before serious work begins for the fall season.  Level five here Emma comes!  Drew took some fun pictures that capture her routines.  Despite missing practice for one week and only resuming eating one day prior to the meet, Emma did really well.  She had her highest floor score with 9.25 and a really high bar score for her as well at 9.35.  Her beam and vault were just okay for her.  In the pictures Emma is wearing her ankle brace still.  It is way improved, but still bothers her after long workouts and lots of running.  But, considering everything she did a really wonderful and admirable job!

Drew took this picture of Samuel at the meet.  He was helping run the bar scores from the judge to the scoring table.  It is so him and he is just so darn handsome!

Drew also took this "waiting around to vault" picture of Emma.  Again, it is so her and I love it!

On Tuesday Drew and I went to the Houston Rodeo to see the Eric Church concert.  We also saw lots of rodeo events which I love.  It is all very entertaining except for the calf roping.  I hate that event.  The concert was amazing.  I really like Eric Church's music so to see him was such a treat for me.

The concert occurs after the rodeo events finish.  I took some pictures of the stage coming together.  It is a pretty interesting process to watch.  Considering all that needs to happen, it does not take very long.
The stage waiting to be brought in by the trucks
Here it comes
Almost ready
Time for the show!

In true Texas fashion Eric Church arrived via a Ford Truck...gotta love Texas sometimes!

The concert was amazing!  Loved every minute of singing along to the music!!  But, I was one tired chick because 11p is late for this momma...
Resting during the trolley ride back to the truck

Drew wanted a true Texan photo of me by his truck.  As he said what is more Texan than a Ford and boots?

By Wednesday it was all about survival for me.  Drew left for Laredo and didn't get home until 3:30am this morning.  That meant my Wednesday and Thursday were a little nutty!  The lovely weather disappeared for the week and it was super cold!  Elena and I snuggled for much of Thursday because why not?  We also baked because again why not?

Today was "Dress like a Word" day at Haude.  These kind of days stress me out because I am not creative.  I am a Pinterest stalking fool when I have to do anything remotely creative.  But word day was not something I figured would be on Pinterest so I did the best I could.  I think the boys and I were clever enough!

Jonah was bruised....he is dressed in black and blue....cute huh?!

Samuel was camouflage because that just fits him perfectly!

Elena wanted to be fancy just for fun.  That she was!

So there you have it.  Our week in a nutshell and it was so wonderful to have healthy people again!  Tomorrow is another big day....Samuel's birthday party.  We are going to be all about baseball.    Yes, I Pinterest stalked and it is going to be a super cute and fun party! 

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