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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Baseball birthday mania

Today in Samuel's very humble opinion was "finally" his birthday party!  The two week wait was almost too much, but he managed to survive!  Being that Samuel is all about baseball since it is baseball season he and I decided that would be a fun theme for his party.  It was also super easy which I really liked.

I was all over Pinterest for ideas and I was so happy with my interpretations of other people's ideas.

The hidden candy was Baby Ruth candy bars

Fruit baseball field
Drew and I took Samuel and his friends to the park by our house to play baseball games.   They had a "who can throw the ball the farthest" contest....all in good fun.  Each child got to hit the ball.  I was pleasantly surprised how encouraging the kids were to one another.  They also divided into two teams to play ball barricade.  One team rolled the ball to the other and the ball couldn't pass the line.  We played to 7 since Samuel turned 7.  It was fun to watch!
All lined up and ready to play

Samuel with a score update

The bleachers were the perfect place for a group picture.  Everyone was told to smile...boys are so silly!
I love the photo bombing girls under the bleachers!
After the games, presents were opened.  Then it was time for some ballpark food.  Of course that means hot dogs and chips with Gatorade!  Samuel wanted cookies like baseballs for dessert.  I was pretty happy with the result!

Samuel had a fun party.  I am so thankful he has a wonderful group of friends!

And, I am so thankful for this crazy, stubborn, fun, and happy boy!

I just love this picture of Samuel

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