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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break in pictures

Spring Break was last week and I miss it.  I like schedules, but I liked the laziness of our week too.  We had a great week despite the craptastic weather.  I think it rained almost every day until Saturday.  That was quite the bummer, but we still managed to have some fun adventures. 

Monday was a downer day for Jonah because we learned he had two more weeks in the cast.  The bright side was a cool camo cast.

I obviously did not provide enough entertainment for them on Monday because this happened...

Wednesday we went to Tomball for a little retail therapy.  It was a dreary day, but we made the most of it.  Everyone walked away with a little treasure.  I love that my kids like antiques and get excited about looking at "old" stuff!

I went to the rodeo that evening with Kim.  We had fun watching the cowboys and Brantley Gilbert. 

Again it was raining on Thursday, but we decided to go have lunch in Brenham anyway.  It wasn't raining there, but it was super windy and chilly.  Because of the wind there weren't any planes taking off and landing at the airport.  The good news was lunch.  It is always pretty yummy at the airport diner. 

After lunch we went to Independence at Emma's request.  It is the sight of some historic buildings, a great field filled with bluebonnets (or will be in a few weeks), and huge climbing trees.  That is a favorite.

The cast didn't stop Jonah from climbing

There were a few bluebonnets

Happy Anniversary to Mammy and Pappy
Friday we actually saw some blue sky.  I am pretty sure we all almost forgot what that was after almost a week of horrible weather!  We went to a crawfish boil Friday afternoon.  Oh was it yummy!  Samuel and Emma really liked it.  Jonah and Elena preferred the chicken fingers from Cane's.  Crazy kids don't know what they are missing!  Then we went to a baseball game.  It was a lovely evening for a Rice victory.

Brussel sprouts instead of corn on the cob are my new favorite!

Saturday it was sunny and warm....FINALLY!  It was a beautiful day for some baseball and we enjoyed our time on the hill.

Sunday was more baseball....I think there is a theme here!  We went to Rice again and Samuel watched the game from his favorite place...the fence.  I am pretty sure I could do a picture blog all about the games Samuel has watched from the fence.  I don't know why we get him a seat!

The highlight of the weekend was finally getting to watch Samuel's team play a baseball game.  All the rainy weather has resulted in many cancelled practices and games.  It was so fun to watch 6 and 7 year old boys play this very simple and complicated game.  And, I do think I have the most handsome boy on the diamond!

My cute Knight had a blast despite losing.  He had a great play at 3rd.  Played first, pitcher, and outfield too.  He also got on base several times.  He is definitely my ball boy!

So, now we are back to reality and it is still raining.  Ugh....spring has sprung a leak!

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