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Friday, March 27, 2015

The cast is gone and baseball is in full swing

It has been one week exactly since Jonah's cast came off for good!  He has at home exercises to do and he isn't allowed any full impact activities for at least two more weeks.  His crazy ankle is still swollen and bruised.  More healing needs to occur out of the cast. Almost immediately Drew and I realized that we had no clue...not one little clue as to how sad Jonah has been since he hurt his ankle.  And especially since he had the cast put on February 4th.  He is smiling more, laughing more, talking more with us, eating more, and way less grouchy.  Welcome back Jonah!

Is that not the happiest face!!!!
Elena and I spent tons of time watching Samuel practice his baseball skills this week.  Monday we were at the field for two hours.  Samuel is attending a 2 hour camp each Wednesday for the next many weeks.  It was a great evening and we had fun.

Thursday was a different story because it was cold.  Well, not really cold, but it was super windy and it felt cold.  Seriously, it had been in the low 80's on Wednesday so it felt cold to me!
Snuggled in a blanket for 90 minutes of practice

Tuesday it was finally time for Kim's birthday lunch.  As we always do, lunch was full of great conversation and fun.  Happy Birthday Kim!

Tuesday night we all made it to a mid week Rice baseball game.  That was an unexpected treat in our week.  It started out lovely, but again with the wind and it was chilly.  Jonah being so sweet gave me his sweatshirt.  He is getting too big because it wasn't too small for me.  When he was chilly I wasn't so sweet because I wouldn't give it back.  I snuggled with his instead.  That is sweet right?

Because it was so beautiful on Wednesday Elena, Carmendy, and I spent the afternoon at the park.  Elena likes this park because it has monkey bars, swings, sand, and ducks to feed.  What more could a 5 year old girl want??!!

Elena can go all the way across the monkey bars....blows my mind each time I watch her do it.

Last night the sunset was pretty.  I wish I lived somewhere open so I could see it all, but nope.  Trees, wires, and houses are always in the way.  Still so pretty!

Another great, but busy week at our house.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a great weekend friends!!!!

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