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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter....

Christ is Risen.....

Today we had a wonderful day together.  We celebrated Easter at home, at church, and at a baseball game.  The only thing that could have been better about today was the weather.  Rain....yuck!

This morning the kids made Resurrection Rolls, had an egg hunt inside, and were given their Easter baskets.  Two eggs are still missing.  I should know where they are since Drew and I hid them, but apparently we did a really good job.  Of course, it was Elena who was short two eggs.  But, having thoughtful older siblings they secretly hid two of their eggs for Elena to find.  Elena had no clue and was happy she found all her eggs.  Sometimes they are just super sweet to one another.

We had a butterfly release and Easter snacks after church.  Thankfully the drizzle/light rain held off just long enough for the children and parents to enjoy this.
I made these cute little things for the snack table
Elena and Rhiannon
Elena and Adam

Rhiannon, Lilah, and Elena....cute besties!

Our plan for after church was to take pictures on the Rice campus and have an Easter picnic on the outfield hill.  Well, we still managed to take pictures, but the rain ruined our picnic.  That was a huge bummer because we were all excited for a fancy picnic. 

I am super happy with our very quick photo shoot.  The weather was not great so we asked the kiddos to cooperate and they did.  Fifteen minutes and two locations later we had some wonderful Easter pictures.

Samuel missed the memo to put his hands on his hips....still super cute!

We did manage to enjoy the game and a Rice victory.  It was wonderful to spend the entire day together and we had our Easter picnic for dinner at home.

I am feeling very blessed today.  Happy Easter!!!! 

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