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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The first lasts and many more to come

I told Drew last week that Elena's preschool graduation was May 22nd.  After I made sure it was on his calendar and our big one in the kitchen, I had to cry just a little.  

On Tuesday Elena lost her first tooth at dinner.  I was so sure that it wouldn't come out for a few weeks yet.  It fell out while she was talking.  Go figure.  I might have wanted to cry a little. 

Then on Tuesday after dinner Elena rode her bike without training wheels.  I may have wanted to curl up in a ball on the spot.  It was too much happiness and sadness filling my heart in less than an hour.  Elena....stop growing up so dang fast!  This momma is barely hanging on!

When all these events happened in Emma, Jonah, and Samuel's little lives I was so happy for them.  Don't get me wrong.  I am a crier so tears were shed for the really big things.  But, it was really just happy tears.  I was also so thankful they were growing up.  Being a momma to four little ones is tiring and I was glad some of my kiddos were entering more grown up/independent phases.  But, this isn't so much the case with Elena.  I want her to stop and just be little for a while longer, but she does not.  Elena is so so so ready for Kindergarten. She has been asking almost weekly to go to Kindergarten because she is five.  I mistakenly told her she had to be five to go to Haude and ever since her birthday she wants to go to Haude.  Totally my fault for not more thoroughly explaining I meant be five and it had to be the end of August.  Silly me!  

I love spending my days with Elena doing nothing, something, and everything.  We have fun and she is a good little side kick.

My life is going to change so drastically come August 24th.  She is ready and I have the summer to get ready....or more likely most of September and then some to get used to my new momma phase.  It will be me putting on my big girl pants as my littlest goes off to elementary school with what I know is going to be the biggest smile ever to walk through the front doors at Haude. Thankfully I have five more weeks to treasure my time with just Elena.

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