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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our first time visitors

Last week my sister Kristin and her family came to visit us.  Kristin had been to Texas before, but it had been ages.  Her hubbie and sweet Owen were first time Texas visitors.  As has been normal for our spring, it rained for too much of their visit.  When it was not raining we made the best of our time.

Owen is almost two and just so cute.  He thought our backyard was a park.  I guess to his little eyes our playset and trampoline count as a park.  He spent most of Wednesday trying out all our yard toys and the kids inside toys.  He was fun to watch.  Joe is a diehard Cowboys fan so I offered this hat to Owen!

Thursday it was sunny in the morning so we went to one of our favorite parks.  Elena loved having someone to play with and guide here and there.  She was a little tour guide and momma all in one!

Kristin, Owen, and Joe


Friday we lucked out with the rain again during the day.  Off to the zoo we went with a quick driving tour of some of Houston.  This was Owen's first trip to a zoo and he had a blast.  His little legs never seemed to get tired.  Kristin and Joe also experienced the joy of Houston traffic and both decided small town living was for them!

It was a tiring three hours looking at animals and playing.  So at baseball that night Owen needed a little nap.  Unfortunately he did not miss much because Samuel's game was called in the 3rd inning because of lighting.    Saturday's game was cancelled because the fields were too wet to play.  Bummer!  Kristin was happy she saw Samuel get a hit at his only at-bat.

Before the rain came on Saturday night we introduced Kristin, Joe, and Owen to Texas BBQ.  So good....

Then we shared one of our family's favorite activities with them at Rice Baseball.  The kids played with Owen on the hill and kept him plenty entertained for the game. 

Everyone was super sad for Sunday morning to arrive.  Kristin, Joe, and Owen had to leave super early and the kids definitely missed their playmate.  We can't wait until August!!

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