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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hips and a secret!!!

I decided it was about time I documented my journey with my latest injury.  I want to remember what happened and what I have done to make it better or worse.  Now is the time to write about because I actually have some positive emotions about my experience.  Before it was just doom, but thank goodness no more!

I first noticed my hip bothering me on July 23rd.  I so remember the day because I had run 5 speedy miles with Scot and then 5 slower miles with my cousin Meghan.  It all felt good until I got out of the car later that morning in New Bern, NC and I immediately knew something was wrong.  My stupid hip was killing me and it has only gotten worse since then.  I kept running but became very diligent about stretching and taking Aleve.  All was good until for one more week and then my hip was done.  I knew it at mile 4 of a 6 mile run.  I could barely walk for two days and sitting in the car to Vermont did not help. 

Being away from home did not help because it kept me from my doctor that much longer.  Drew brought my leftover steroids from last year's hip injury.  Unfortunately it did not help.  I still ran one day at camp.  I knew it was a poor decision.  Honestly, it was more important to me to run at my favorite place on Earth.  It had to be done.  Looking back, it was still worth it!  Running there is glorious!

I finally saw my doctor last week and was given a mega dose of steroids which worked last year.  I knew it would not work and I was right.  I knew this time that the inflammation and muscle tightness was much worse.  So, I finished my steroids and ran one mile.  That felt pretty good.  The next morning I ran 4 miles.  They were not painful miles, but my hip ached for every step of every mile.  I knew a different treatment approach would be needed to get my hip fixed.

At my friend's recommendation I made an appointment with an Airrosti provider.  From their website, 
At Airrosti, we focus on diagnosing the root cause of our patients’ pain,
 then resolving that pain as quickly as possible. We focus on results, 
not funneling you into a long-term treatment plan.

I think it was meant to be because I called yesterday and had an appointment this afternoon.  I liked my provider immediately.  We talked about my hip, did some testing, and developed a plan within 30 minutes.  Then I received about 15 minutes of extremely painful treatment...like holding my breath painful.  After that I received my homework exercises and other instructions.  One hour later we were finished.  I actually walked out of the office with no pain.  I have not walked without pain in over one month.  Now, discomfort has returned, but should lessen as I do my exercises and with my remaining 2-3 treatment sessions.  

I am actually optimistic this is going to work.  I totally believe in everything we talked about today.  It made sense.  It is functional and real.  I am so glad I opted for this over a MRI.  I am not allowed to run this weekend which I expected, but is still disappointing.  I can run after my second treatment next week to see what improvements have occurred. The only bummer about my treatment at the moment is the KT tape.  It is on my hip and halfway down my outer left thigh.   It is a bummer because of my secret.

We are taking the kids to Galveston for the weekend.  They have no idea.  Drew and I are going to take them out of school early tomorrow and head for the beach.  I have been packing and shopping in secret.  I feel like it is Christmas Eve. I am so excited.  Unfortunately I get to have this lovely tape on my leg at the beach, but I will take it if it heals my hip!

So, there you have it.  My hip update and our big secret!!!  

Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of 2013-2014 school year

I just told me little sister that time has a different meaning when you become a mom.  That was so true for me today.  I sent all my babies who are not babies to school this morning.  My heart was full of sighs and cheering this morning.  My children...most of them...were just full of cheering.

As a little side note to our first day of school pictures, I have to say that our computer crashed and died last week.  I tried to print my first day of school signs at my friend's house, but that did not work either.  I was meant to make last minute homemade school signs so it is what it is.

From oldest to youngest....Emma started 5th grade today...her last year at Haude.  That whole time thing when I think about how old she is.....

Jonah started 2nd grade today.  He was excited to be back in school, but was dreading homework.

Samuel started Kindergarten and his first year at Haude this morning.  For some reason, Samuel starting school is a hard thing for me to conceptualize.  I know he is going to do and be great, but my mind is in shock.  Samuel was ready and excited and I am excited for him.

Drew took them to school this morning.  He said Emma and Jonah were off and gone when they arrived.  Samuel let Drew walk him to his class and he went into his room with no issues.  Such big kiddos...

Finally, my baby started attending preschool two days a week this morning.  I thought it would all be good until I looked at her face in the car.  She was nervous and said she just wanted to spend the day with me.  That made me sad and teary, which I did not expect.  I have never been emotional about my kids starting school until this morning.  Our lives are changing and I probably should stop calling them my babies, but I don't think that will happen.  Elena did well when we got to school.  A big hug and kiss was all she needed.  That and the reassurance that mommy always comes back to get her!

I think they all looked great this morning.  Drew and I are very proud of them and I know it will be a great and busy year!

Goodness.....time flies when you are a mom.....

So, what were their favorite things about the first day of school?  

For Elena it was playing on the riding toys and the bouncy balls in the gym.

Samuel's favorite thing was going to PE class and playing with the bean bags.  He also liked reading the Kissing Hand.  He liked riding the bus home from school too!

Jonah's favorite thing was learning his number...number 13.  He also liked indoor recess.

And, Emma's favorite thing was not having homework today!

Only 9 more months to go!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our last days of summer

It is officially over.  Summer that is.  Tomorrow we begin the grueling, fun, exciting, and long journey that will be the 2013-2014 school year.  We are as ready as we can be.  The lunches are packed.  The backpacks are ready to go.  The outfits are picked and the smiles are ready for the morning.  But, we we arrived at tonight, there were two very fun days left to celebrate summer.  And celebrate some we did!

On Friday, after meet the teacher, we went to lunch.  The kids always want to go to Panera so I granted their wish.  Yum!

Then we went to the pool.  Another wish granted by me.  I wish it was always this easy!

Finally, it was movie and popcorn time.  A wonderful day.

Yesterday, the kids chose to go back to the lazy river/pool/big slide place otherwise know as Rob Fleming pool.  Drew came this time because it was Saturday and we had a blast.  After over four hours of playing in the water it was time to go.  Elena was exhausted and ready to nap while floating in the lazy river.  We all had our fill of the sun.  But, just like last time, we had to make the kids leave.  They just love playing there.  I am so glad we spent our last Saturday of summer vacation doing something the kids really loved!

Elena was scared to death of this little slide in June.  Yesterday was another story.  She loved it!

Samuel was not big enough to ride the water slide in June.  Apparently has he grown up some this summer because with very good posture he was 48 inches!  I think his summer was made even greater each time he went down the slide.

They were so excited to get an Icee treat!

We have had a great summer!  I have enjoyed almost every moment I spent with these crazy kiddos.  But, don't get me wrong.  I am also ready to send them back to school!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Meeting the teachers!!

This day has been on Emma, Jonah, and Samuel's radar since school ended.  Which teacher would they get? Who would be in their class? Well, this morning all the happiness and sadness that accompanies "meet the teacher" day occurred.  Thankfully, it was mostly happiness.

First, we visited Samuel's class.  This child is so excited to start kindergarten on Monday.  It was a definite that we would visit his class first.  Having only the knowledge of Emma and Jonah's past teachers, Samuel did not have many opinions on his teacher.  He was hoping for Ms. Yelverton who was Jonah's teacher.  Well....

He got his wish!!!  I was so thrilled for him and me.  She is a wonderful teacher and very easy to work with as a parent!  Kindergarten here we come!

Next we visited Jonah's classroom because it is down the hall from the K wing.  Emma was displeased to have to wait again!  Jonah did not get his wish for a teacher, but he did not seem to care.  He was pretty happy about some of the friends in his class.  I, however, like his teacher and have heard many good things about her.

Finally, it was Emma's turn.  Emma has never, ever gotten the teacher she wished for all summer.  Never!  This year was no different...poor girl.  However, that was all in the past when Emma saw that two of her best friends will be in her class.  All was right in her world again!  Emma will have three teachers which I think is good practice for middle school.

So, despite some disappointments, I think we are going to have a good year.  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel left Haude excited for Monday!  I can't believe I will have three kids at Haude....Emma in 5th, Jonah in 2nd, and Samuel in K....goodness!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life since we've been home

Goodness, it has been a while since I documented anything about our little life. Trust me when I say we have been busy!  A little too busy to end our summer....

Since returning home two weeks ago we have had no grand adventures. I think we did and saw so many awesome things this summer that we needed to rest. And, we...especially the kids...have needed the past two weeks to really be thankful for their summer. They, unlike any of their friends, traveled and did beyond expectations. I wanted Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena to realize how blessed they are!

However, with two weeks of summer remaining we had to do something. Staying home each day does not work for us. So, we had many play dates...many, many play dates for them and me. We all needed to catch up with our friends!  We have been to the pool almost daily. I have four little fish who ask to go swimming daily. And, we have prepared for school to begin. The big day for each of them is Monday. 

I am still injured and not running. The past month or so without running has sucked to be perfectly honest. I have tried and it has been awful both times.  I finally went to the doctor today...Dr. Cannon to the rescue I hope. He believes, as I thought and as indicated by clear x-rays, that I have a bursitis in my hip. This time around I will say that the pain and discomfort has been crazy bad. I am again on mega doses of steroids for six days.  This treatment worked last year so I pray it does again. As for my early December marathon....I have all but bagged that plan. 

The other crazy thing that has happened since coming home is no pictures. Today was the first time I took any pictures and Elena still wouldn't look at me. I would have thought a two week break from picture taking would have helped that....

We went to Buzzles after the gym. Buzzles is a shaved ice shack with over 100 flavors plus toppings. 

To my shock the kids decided immediately.  Not shocking is that they want to go back weekly. I can't say I blame them. It was tasty. Samuel had Ninja turtle. Emma had piƱa colada. Jonah had rainbow. Elena had Cinderella and I had chocolate. 

Tomorrow is our last official day of summer vacation. The weekend does not really count. I plan to make the minutes count!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why we go to Eagle Camp

Getting to camp is no joke.  We need a lot of stuff to make the week fun and tolerable.  I have to pack for camp 5 weeks before I know the weather forecast for the week.  It is not easy and I rely on my list....sheets, flashlights, tennis rackets, bike stuff, rain gear, warm clothing, baseball stuff, swim stuff, fishing stuff, hot pot, and the list goes on and on. Driving to and from Vermont is no picnic.  This year we drove home in two days....two 15 hours days.  But, it is all worth it. 

Vermont is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  What is not to like about 70 degree days in August?  Wearing sweatshirts and jeans in August...yes please!  All of that is great, but the best part of camp is family.  We get to spend one week with Drew's family that we rarely if at all see during the rest of the year.  It would take a lot for us to miss camp.

Meemaw and her 14 grandkids...one more was born on 8/12!
Emma and Madeline freezing after a swim in the lake
Elena and Lauren
Cousins galore...Miriam, Samuel, Elena, Emma, Claire, Lauren, Madeline, Kristen, and Jonah
Claire, Emma, Kristen, Madeline, Fiona, and Miriam
Three peas in a pod...Kristen, Emma, and Madeline
Luke and Jonah
Daddy and the boys going fishing

Hetty, a dear friend...all but  family and Jonah

Drew and his sisters....

Greta, Emily, Drew, Lara, and all but sister Hetty
There are a lot of Manns....

And, of course, my sweet family....