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Friday, August 2, 2013

Park hopping in Bowie

I must say that I have no desire to live in Bowie MD simply because it is too close to DC.  However, I love to visit here.  I love spending time with Kelsey, Scott, and the girls.  We always have the best time.  The kids mesh so well and we really have minimal problems.  It is just fun!

One of the things we always to do is park hop.  One of the great things about Bowie is the parks.  There are numerous parks and they are all different.  Because we were here for less time this year we did not get to visit as many as usual, but we did our best.  

The first park we played at was the Spider Park.  This was a new one to us.  I knew Jonah would love it the second we arrived.  The boy loves to climb.

Unfortunately we did not play long because it was hot and crowded.  So we headed to Allen Pond Park.  We play there frequently because there are two playgrounds, a walking path, a lake, and woods to walk through.  The kids love being in the woods and the fun swings.

The last park we visited was another new one.  We wanted to go so badly last year, but it was not open yet.  It was very fun.  There were interactive learning boards, things to climb, things that swayed, normal park stuff, and musical instruments to play.  It was quite fun.
This little swing thing went around and around and they loved it.

Matching cousins...their mommy's think alike

Best buddies...

Our last group park picture of 2013...seven great friends and cousins!

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