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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hips and a secret!!!

I decided it was about time I documented my journey with my latest injury.  I want to remember what happened and what I have done to make it better or worse.  Now is the time to write about because I actually have some positive emotions about my experience.  Before it was just doom, but thank goodness no more!

I first noticed my hip bothering me on July 23rd.  I so remember the day because I had run 5 speedy miles with Scot and then 5 slower miles with my cousin Meghan.  It all felt good until I got out of the car later that morning in New Bern, NC and I immediately knew something was wrong.  My stupid hip was killing me and it has only gotten worse since then.  I kept running but became very diligent about stretching and taking Aleve.  All was good until for one more week and then my hip was done.  I knew it at mile 4 of a 6 mile run.  I could barely walk for two days and sitting in the car to Vermont did not help. 

Being away from home did not help because it kept me from my doctor that much longer.  Drew brought my leftover steroids from last year's hip injury.  Unfortunately it did not help.  I still ran one day at camp.  I knew it was a poor decision.  Honestly, it was more important to me to run at my favorite place on Earth.  It had to be done.  Looking back, it was still worth it!  Running there is glorious!

I finally saw my doctor last week and was given a mega dose of steroids which worked last year.  I knew it would not work and I was right.  I knew this time that the inflammation and muscle tightness was much worse.  So, I finished my steroids and ran one mile.  That felt pretty good.  The next morning I ran 4 miles.  They were not painful miles, but my hip ached for every step of every mile.  I knew a different treatment approach would be needed to get my hip fixed.

At my friend's recommendation I made an appointment with an Airrosti provider.  From their website, 
At Airrosti, we focus on diagnosing the root cause of our patients’ pain,
 then resolving that pain as quickly as possible. We focus on results, 
not funneling you into a long-term treatment plan.

I think it was meant to be because I called yesterday and had an appointment this afternoon.  I liked my provider immediately.  We talked about my hip, did some testing, and developed a plan within 30 minutes.  Then I received about 15 minutes of extremely painful treatment...like holding my breath painful.  After that I received my homework exercises and other instructions.  One hour later we were finished.  I actually walked out of the office with no pain.  I have not walked without pain in over one month.  Now, discomfort has returned, but should lessen as I do my exercises and with my remaining 2-3 treatment sessions.  

I am actually optimistic this is going to work.  I totally believe in everything we talked about today.  It made sense.  It is functional and real.  I am so glad I opted for this over a MRI.  I am not allowed to run this weekend which I expected, but is still disappointing.  I can run after my second treatment next week to see what improvements have occurred. The only bummer about my treatment at the moment is the KT tape.  It is on my hip and halfway down my outer left thigh.   It is a bummer because of my secret.

We are taking the kids to Galveston for the weekend.  They have no idea.  Drew and I are going to take them out of school early tomorrow and head for the beach.  I have been packing and shopping in secret.  I feel like it is Christmas Eve. I am so excited.  Unfortunately I get to have this lovely tape on my leg at the beach, but I will take it if it heals my hip!

So, there you have it.  My hip update and our big secret!!!  

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