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Friday, August 23, 2013

Meeting the teachers!!

This day has been on Emma, Jonah, and Samuel's radar since school ended.  Which teacher would they get? Who would be in their class? Well, this morning all the happiness and sadness that accompanies "meet the teacher" day occurred.  Thankfully, it was mostly happiness.

First, we visited Samuel's class.  This child is so excited to start kindergarten on Monday.  It was a definite that we would visit his class first.  Having only the knowledge of Emma and Jonah's past teachers, Samuel did not have many opinions on his teacher.  He was hoping for Ms. Yelverton who was Jonah's teacher.  Well....

He got his wish!!!  I was so thrilled for him and me.  She is a wonderful teacher and very easy to work with as a parent!  Kindergarten here we come!

Next we visited Jonah's classroom because it is down the hall from the K wing.  Emma was displeased to have to wait again!  Jonah did not get his wish for a teacher, but he did not seem to care.  He was pretty happy about some of the friends in his class.  I, however, like his teacher and have heard many good things about her.

Finally, it was Emma's turn.  Emma has never, ever gotten the teacher she wished for all summer.  Never!  This year was no different...poor girl.  However, that was all in the past when Emma saw that two of her best friends will be in her class.  All was right in her world again!  Emma will have three teachers which I think is good practice for middle school.

So, despite some disappointments, I think we are going to have a good year.  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel left Haude excited for Monday!  I can't believe I will have three kids at Haude....Emma in 5th, Jonah in 2nd, and Samuel in K....goodness!


  1. k, 2nd and 5th here too. At least you still have a "baby" too :(

  2. Look at those cuties! It's going to be an exciting year :) Enjoy!!