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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Beauty that is Eagle Camp

Drew first took me to Eagle Camp in 1994.  We had been dating for almost a year and this was a big step....a week long vacation with his immediate and very large extended family.  Some of the aspects of camp have had to grown on me over the years.  But, the glorious setting and beauty of camp immediately had a place in my heart.  There are no words to describe the majestic Adirondack mountains in the distance, Lake Champlain, and the simplicity that is camp.  I hope you enjoy your tour through camp.

Wildflowers are everywhere~

The first time I went to camp and until 2003 Drew and I were in a tent.  The first tent I had and the one we had together was on the lake.  It could be chilly and wet at times, but always pretty.

Now we have a cabin and our little home every August has a sink!  Thank goodness for that.
Not our cabin, but some of the different ones around camp.
The front of our cabin
This is the back of our cabin.  We have four rooms.  Two are up which is where the kids sleep.  The other two rooms are a living-gathering of stuff area and then our room.  It is cozy, but perfect for us.

Looking up to the main house from the lower tent line
The Chapel
The front porch of the dining hall
The view down to the dining hall
The front of the women's greenie otherwise known as the bathrooms.
Meemaw's view from her tent porch...the lake is white because it was so cloudy when I took this picture
The stairs down to the lake and swimming area
The little bridge to our cabin...very slippery when wet...ask Jonah!
Seating gallery for the gold crochet course....a game only played at camp!
The Wig Wam....the game center
The shoreline on a rather windy and wavey day on the lake.
I love the beauty even when it is cloudy.
Until next August...

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  1. You did a great job capturing the essence of camp! Thanks!