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Friday, August 2, 2013

It's tradition

DC Cupcakes....we go every year.  It has been on our to do list when at Kelsey's for the past three years.  Emma started watching the show way back when and wanted to go.  Who was I to deny Emma a trip for cupcakes?  The cupcakes are so amazingly delicious.  It is worth the trip into Georgetown.  I have never eaten a bad cupcake and it is the icing that makes them so great.  Chocolate 2 is the best ever!

Last year we went to the Washington DC Zoo after eating cupcakes.  This year we decided to take a pirate cruise on the Potomac after our cupcakes.  Walking around Georgetown and the harbor area was fun.  It was the perfect day as well....overcast and not too hot.

Georgetown Harbor

Kelsey and the kids waiting for our Pirate Cruise

Hanna, Elena, Emma, Maya, Samuel, Leah, and Jonah waiting for the cruise to begin

The pirate cruise was nothing special.  The one we took in New Bern was hands down better.  But, it was cool cruising the Potomac and seeing some of monuments.  We also saw Marine 1 and Marine 2. That was a fun little extra!

The Washington Monument is still under construction to repair damage from the earthquake.  Even so, I think this picture is really cool!

Kelsey and I enjoying our time on the cruise!

It was another great adventure into Georgetown and DC.  We are hoping the little girls are ready for some sightseeing next summer in DC so we can walk off the cupcakes!

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