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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eagle Camp fun

So, what do we do at camp?  Well, one the great things about camp is that it is always the same.  The meals are at the same time each day....8am, 1pm, and 6pm.  The food served is the same each year.  Each day we have rest hour from 2-3pm.  The bugle blows to wake us at 7am and to put us to sleep or at least to quiet at 10:30p.   The simplicity of the sameness is part of the charm of camp.

Some of the other charms are the crazy tournament games we play.  Whoever heard of golf croquet?  Pretty much no one I know, but it is still fun.  We also play shuffle board and bocce.  There are others options too, but we have not ventured outside of the "Big 3".  The little ones go to playschool in the mornings.  The big ones play with unrestrained independence and they love it....so do mom and dad!  We swim, fish, bike, run, play volleyball, work out, read, play games, go for walks, eat ice cream, visit with family, participate in tournaments, or do nothing.  That is what is so great about camp.  With the exception of the designated meal and rest times, there is no schedule...no pressures from the outside world to accomplish anything.  Sitting and doing nothing is expected and acceptable to all.  Wearing the craziest and dirtiest combo of clothing is ok too...after all "Style is dead and comfort is king!"  So true for our precious week in August!

Elena wanted to pick flowers so she could make a bouquet for our cabin!
Samuel, Hayden, and Jonah
Mary and Hayden
Kristen and Emma
We play lots of games....
Getting ready for Bingo...Monday night's activity
She was not winning bingo at the moment...
Getting ready for golf croquet

Elena and Lauren had a tea party almost every day.
A Wednesday evening game of baseball...older and younger cousins led by Brian!
We do lots of activities at the lake....
Elena and Mary fishing off the dock

Elena, Lauren (hidden), Mary, Emily, and John trying to get in the very cold waters of Lake Champlain
Aunt Emily giving Elena a kayak ride

The raft where all go to play!
We all gather to talk and play some more...

Trips to get ice cream is a must!
The busiest swing set in the world!
We are all so very good at standing around and talking!
There is the Friday night talent show....
Emma, Madeline, and Kristen during their performance
Luke, Neala, Jonah, Samuel, Holly, Claire, Miriam, Emma, and Madeline
Elena finishing her playschool performance
And, we spend lots of time with cousins....

Lauren, Mary, Elena, and Miriam
Elena and Lauren were constantly together and on the verge of trouble!

Kristen, Miriam, Emma, and Madeline
Even with all that, the best part of camp is family....at least to me.  I will share that tomorrow!

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