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Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of 2013-2014 school year

I just told me little sister that time has a different meaning when you become a mom.  That was so true for me today.  I sent all my babies who are not babies to school this morning.  My heart was full of sighs and cheering this morning.  My children...most of them...were just full of cheering.

As a little side note to our first day of school pictures, I have to say that our computer crashed and died last week.  I tried to print my first day of school signs at my friend's house, but that did not work either.  I was meant to make last minute homemade school signs so it is what it is.

From oldest to youngest....Emma started 5th grade today...her last year at Haude.  That whole time thing when I think about how old she is.....

Jonah started 2nd grade today.  He was excited to be back in school, but was dreading homework.

Samuel started Kindergarten and his first year at Haude this morning.  For some reason, Samuel starting school is a hard thing for me to conceptualize.  I know he is going to do and be great, but my mind is in shock.  Samuel was ready and excited and I am excited for him.

Drew took them to school this morning.  He said Emma and Jonah were off and gone when they arrived.  Samuel let Drew walk him to his class and he went into his room with no issues.  Such big kiddos...

Finally, my baby started attending preschool two days a week this morning.  I thought it would all be good until I looked at her face in the car.  She was nervous and said she just wanted to spend the day with me.  That made me sad and teary, which I did not expect.  I have never been emotional about my kids starting school until this morning.  Our lives are changing and I probably should stop calling them my babies, but I don't think that will happen.  Elena did well when we got to school.  A big hug and kiss was all she needed.  That and the reassurance that mommy always comes back to get her!

I think they all looked great this morning.  Drew and I are very proud of them and I know it will be a great and busy year!

Goodness.....time flies when you are a mom.....

So, what were their favorite things about the first day of school?  

For Elena it was playing on the riding toys and the bouncy balls in the gym.

Samuel's favorite thing was going to PE class and playing with the bean bags.  He also liked reading the Kissing Hand.  He liked riding the bus home from school too!

Jonah's favorite thing was learning his number...number 13.  He also liked indoor recess.

And, Emma's favorite thing was not having homework today!

Only 9 more months to go!

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