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Monday, September 2, 2013

Galveston for the weeeknd....yes please!

Drew and I talked about going to Galveston in September...maybe.  Then we talked about going for Labor Day weekend....maybe.  Well, last Sunday at the almost last minute Drew booked a wonderful condo at our favorite place in Galveston.  I was super excited to be going just us for a long weekend.  Drew was too. The kicker was we did not tell the kids until we got them out of school early on Friday.  I so wish I remembered to video their responses.  They were super excited!!!

Our condo was perfect.  We had a view of the Gulf on one side and could see the bay from the front of the condo.  There was plenty of space to hang out together or separately.  There was also plenty of games and toys to keep the kids entertained during the few moments we were not on the beach or at a pool.  
morning view from our balcony

We stayed at Pointe West at the very, very south end of Galveston.  
We were on the bottom floor of this building and enjoyed eating dinner on our balcony.

The beach is almost private so it is perfect.  There are two pools.  One is a lazy river pool and the other is a larger infinity pool. 

Both are wonderful.  There were also activities on Saturday.  In the morning, the kids and Drew went crab fishing.  I watched.  They caught some crab, but were never able to get them in the net.  Still, it was fun.

In the evening there was a marshmallow roast.  Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena were in heaven.  S'mores are probably one of their favorite treats ever!

We spent most of our time on the beach.  Jonah loved attempting boogie boarding.  Samuel liked using the skim board better.  Elena loved the waves this time.  She is getting braver each time we go to the beach.  She tried boogie boarding with help from me or Drew and was not deterred even after a big wipe-out!  Elena also loved digging in the sand.  Emma kind of did whatever.  She liked being in the water as much as playing in the sand.  I was thrilled because I was finally able to play with them and then retreat to my chair to read.  What a gift to me to be able to do what I want to do at the beach as well!  I read two books over the weekend and I loved that.  The boys also fished with Drew.  They did not catch anything, but had lots of fun trying.

floating in the lazy river
some more floating and being lazy

We actually were in the condo very little.  When we were the kids were reading, playing, or watching tv.  It was kind of like being home, but only a little better!

It was the perfect way to end our summer.  It was the perfect time for our family of 6 to reconnect after a summer spent apart from Drew.  It was the perfect time to catch our breath before life and school gets into full swing.  It was wonderful!

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