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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Emma's 1st gymnastics meet

Yesterday was a long awaited day for Emma.  Her last meet was in April.  That means many months of practices without a meet.  The time is needed to learn and perfect new skills and to rest as well.  But, for Emma the meets are the best part.  She loves to compete or is learning to love to compete.  Being on a stage and judged is not her thing.  It is becoming more of her thing. 

Historically Emma's first meets have been small disasters.  Yesterday was finally different.  She was not the best at the meet or even her best. But, and it is a big but, she performed well.  She performed well enough to place in the All Around and to get some individual medals.  She did not make it to the podium which is her ultimate goal.  She knows there is work to be done and she is finally motivated to do the work.  Finally!
I love their leos!
The biggest hiccup yesterday was Emma missing her first vault.  She has never, ever, ever missed a vault.  It was shocking for us, for Emma, and for her coaches.  Thankfully she composed herself and did a decent second vault...8.9.  It is all part of the learning experience. 

She was strong on floor...9.2.  She was strong on bars...9.2.  She was tentative on beam...9.05.  It will come.  She has to be stronger and braver and more confident in her abilities.  She knows this.   Her goal is South State in November.  My fingers are crossed for her!  Overall she received four medals!

Emma with Coach Jade and Coach Ashley
Emma and her teammates, three of which competed earlier in the day, all did great. They were first place small team hence the awesome trophy!  The girls were very excited.  It was the best way to start the season.  Emma's next test is in two weeks!

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