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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our weekend adventures

When I was looking at all my pictures from the weekend I realized we were busier than I thought.  But, it was a good easy kind of busy.  Enjoy....

Friday I took the kids to Sonic for an after dinner treat.  I will never figure out why they want slushes instead of ice cream....baffling!

On Saturday, I ran my longest run in over a month.  I am happy to say that it went well.  I had lots of discomfort after the run and during the day, but I am healing.  I have to focus on where I am going instead of where I hoped to be. 
Taking it slow as I work my way back
Emma's BFF spent the day with us.  She actually slept over Friday night.  While Drew was busy brewing two different kinds of beer, I took the kids to the pool.  It may be fall in some places, but definitely not here.  It was hot!
We will have some black lager in a few weeks!
Jonah stayed with Drew and they played Battleship.
I made them walk

After swimming, Emma bugged me to allow them to have a lemonade stand.  I finally gave in to her request.  She has only been asking all summer.  Since we did not have much lemonade, they made kool-aid.  Their first customer was the Fed Ex delivery man.  I think that is too funny.  Emma and Ashlynn split their profit with Elena, Samuel, Jonah, Conner, and Carmendy.  I thought that was super nice of them.

Saturday is college football day at our house.  Drew and I turn on Game Day on ESPN at 8am and we turn off football when we go to bed.  It makes Emma crazy since she cannot watch any of her shows all day.  Despite her complaints she still dresses the part.  She and I were ready for the PSU game.  Too bad they weren't ready because they lost.  It is going to be a long season. 

Sunday was filled with baking and ice cream.  What a yummy day!  We had a Scout ice cream social to attend in the afternoon and I wanted to bake muffins for my friend's birthday.  The Scout event was at our neighborhood park so we all went.  The kids had lots of fun playing and eating!

Elena loves swings...either swinging or twirling!

The girls and I escaped early because it was hot and humid.  Plus we needed to bake.  The Texans game was a priority after church so late afternoon was our baking time.
I love using my iPad for recipes...so convenient!

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and they are so good!
All in all I think we had a pretty fun and relaxing weekend.  It was needed after a crazy week and another crazy week starting tomorrow.  I wonder if any week is not crazy and I am thinking not for us!  That is okay.  I will take crazy if it means I get to hang out with these crazy kiddos!

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