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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating Jonah's birthday

On Wednesday we celebrated Jonah beginning with breakfast.  It has become a very fun tradition to let the birthday child pick their favorite pint of ice cream to eat for breakfast.  It is theirs to eat for the rest of the day no questions asked.  Jonah picked Neapolitan, but I could not find that in a pint.  I decided to get him playdough and he loved it. 

Another tradition is for me to create a picture wall for the birthday child.  It is fun for me and them to see pictures at different life stages.  I loved picking out some of my favorite ever Jonah pictures!

After dinner Jonah opened his presents from us and grandparents.  He mostly got clothes which is really needed, but he also received a few toys.  This crazy maze ball was probably his favorite gift.  He was been wanting it for months!

Jonah had no interest at all in a birthday party theme.  In fact when I asked what cake he wanted on his birthday, he said "just make me something homemade!"  Well, that is easy!  We decided on chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.  I made the cookies which were amazing and bought the ice cream.

As for his birthday celebration with friends, after much deliberation Jonah decided on a bowling party.  Again, he did not want a theme.  He requested white and chocolate cupcakes.  The kicker was he wanted the white cupcakes with half chocolate and half cream cheese icing.  Then the chocolate cupcakes he wanted with half chocolate and half cream cheese icing.  So we had four different choices for dessert at his party.  It was a little nuts, but everyone single child and parent was happy!

Jonah and his friends had tons of fun bowling.  It was fun for the parents to watch as well.  The bowling technique of 7 and 8 year old boys is a little silly.  I never did get a group picture, but I was able to get some fun shots of the kids while bowling.

Jonah really likes Legos and it is a good thing because he got lots of them from his friends.  Even more amazing is that not a single one was the same! 

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