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Monday, September 9, 2013

Fighting back against the attacks

We have been home for less than one month and every day I feel like I am being attacked by some crisis.  By some distraction from my normal.  By some overwhelming annoyance.  I was starting to think things were getting a little better, but no.  And, now I just have to laugh about it all or I would simply go crazy.  I know my troubles...what I view as attacks....may not be a big deal to anyone.  They are to me though.

The first week we were home I had to deal with a leak in our family room ceiling.  Within three days I had the AC repair guy and the plumber at the house twice.  The leak was fixed and I had a cleaner closet, but I was left with a hole in the family room ceiling.  As if Drew has time for that.  I swear this room will never be finished.  Yesterday Drew put up the drywall.  It is a start.  Thank goodness he is handy!

so much better
Then our washer broke.  A broken washer for a family of six is like my worst nightmare come true.  Seriously!  We live in the land of perpetual heat and humidity.  There is no re-wearing of clothing.  Every item worn is dirty every single day.  That does not even count sheets and towels.  Do the math and you can imagine my laundry piles after five days.  I seriously itch thinking about it.  Thankfully our wonderful neighbors let me wash a load on Saturday.  It helped my itching some!  The new washer came today.  It is pretty and already in use. 

There is my annoying and bothersome hip issue.  It is getting better.  Airrosti treatments hurt like crazy, but they work.  Last week I wanted to crawl off the table.  It was either that or cry and I am pretty sure I was teary.  But, no pain no gain and I can run again.  I have been given the green light to resume training.  I could not be more thankful.  I need to run to sleep well and to feel sane.  It is my life line to sanity on most days.  I know my family will be much happier with their crabby mother and wife running again.  Hopefully I can dial down my crazy in the coming days!

This morning Drew noticed that someone hit his driver's side mirror.  Awesome! I just laughed.  He was mad at me, but it was that or cry.  Really!

Then Elena cried all morning about going to school.  Please don't do that Elena!  She was so sad so I was sad for her. I know she will have fun today.  She always does, but it just felt like another attack.

We have too much to do.  There is too much to juggle.  It is just overwhelming and it is only going to get worse. It all just feels like I/we am being attacked by everything.  That said, I am so thankful for friends.  They are making the gym schedule more manageable.  My never ending church meetings (at least one or two a week) are ending early.  I sometimes see Drew and actually talk to him before bed during the week.  Football is back (happy thing for me). 

I am trying very, very hard to focus on the positive.  Our trip to Galveston was a wonderful respite.  It was like living in a dream world for a few days.  Seeing my kiddos smiling faces when they come off the bus helps.  Knowing Drew is walking this walk with me helps.  It is only a season, but I pray every day that it ends very quickly!
One of my favorites from the summer


  1. I hope things start looking up for you in all aspects!!! Nice new washer (only a mother would say that!)

  2. Ughhh. It's so hard when we have one thing after another like that. A few weeks ago the door locking mechanism on our new washer (which we bought just over a year ago) broke. Our one year warranty had just expired 2 weeks before so I had to have a repair guy come out. After two visits and a new locking piece it ended up costing us another $170. I think the worst part was being without a washing machine for a week. I made 2 trips to the laundry mat because I just couldn't take the massive clothes pile build up any more! No, a family of 6 needs their washer!

    I hope things get easier for Elena. My Anna had a very hard time adjusting and cried every single day the first 2 weeks. We had to use incentives big time to get her through the day. If she made it 5 days straight without crying she knew we would take her to McDonald's to the play area. Big reward! :-) It worked!

    Hope things start looking up as you transition into the fall!!

  3. Sorry your hip has been bothering you. I can relate! Glad to hear you've been given the green light to run.