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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gymnastics and Running

Emma had her second meet of the season Saturday night.  As I said before, Emma wants to qualify for South State in November. She knows she has to improve at each meet for there to be a chance of qualifying.  Well, she did improve at this meet.  Her all around score was 36.5 and she did not miss her first vault this time.  She even did her handstand on the beam.  I was so excited for her.  She earned three individual medals and again her team won first place overall.  She had a good day.  


I wanted to upload her floor video. She does a better job on the floor, but the file was too large. She earned a 9.2 for this routine. You can see her frustrated expressions because of the rip on her hand.  It had ripped more by the end of the routine and was bleeding.  She missed one element because of it.  We are praying it heals by Sunday which is when her next meet is!
As for running I officially began marathon training this morning.  I have 17 weeks before the Houston Chevron Marathon on January 19, 2014! 
Once it became very obvious that I would not be running a full in December, I decided to switch from the half to full in January.  That is plenty of time to train and to train well.  I think my base will return pretty quickly.  My body has already figured out what I am asking of it and the miles are starting to pass more quickly.  I am adapting slowly to the humidity. 

Things for the most part seem to be on track.  I say the most part because I still have some degree of hip pain or discomfort every single freaking day.  I am doing my therapy routine like it is my job and still total frustration.  The thing is that my hip does not hurt at all when I am running.  It only hurts after sleeping or sitting.  Since I won't be stopping either of those activities I have increased the number of times a day that I ice my hip.  I have also increased the number of times I use my roller to massage my hip and leg muscles.  And let me tell you....my kiddos get a good laugh at my pain filled expressions when I am rolling my hip.  I am thrilled I can entertain them!  KT tape is also my new friend.  I simply cannot live without these days.  All this so I can run, but it is important to me and I am okay with it.  In fact, I am more than ok with it.  26.2 here I come!

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