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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When it rains

So we have been in Oriental since Saturday evening. Sunday was lovely. Yesterday and today not so much. Rain while visiting my parents at their house in NC just sucks. 

The storms are coming. 

Since today was the second wash out the kids took matters into their own hands. We obviously couldn't go to the pool, or beach, or boat, or kayak, or fish so the kids turned the yard into a pool. I really despise getting wet because of rain so excuse the faraway pictures. I was standing on the porch. Even though it rained hard the kids had a blast. They were so dirty!  I was sad that Emma missed out on the fun. She was at the gym. 

Elena, Leah, Hanna, Maya, Jonah, Samuel 

The water was at least ankle deep in spots. 

Leah was the most reluctant to get messy. Elena talked her into it. 

Then Leah liked it. 

Jonah was a crazy guy!

We are hoping for sun tomorrow. Baseball and water fun is on the agenda. I guess if it does storm again our kids have proven they like to play in the rain!

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  1. What a shame to have such weather when there is so little time to be there and enjoy all those summer things! I remember playing in the rain when Kelsey and Scott came to the Sassafras...fun, but not as much fun as sunshine things, for sure. Loved seeing the unabashed delight in doing something crazy that your pictures showed well! Also, loved seeing the clip of Emma's fun in the wet grass...whew! How do they do that tumbling?