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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Driving day 2 summer trip 2014

Another day on the road and thankfully today was way less eventful. It was sunny all day. There were no construction zones. And, best of all was traffic moved all day.  It was still a long day made worse by the time change, but arriving safely at the hotel is all that matters. 

The kids, especially the boys, lost many brain cells today with all the movies they watched. It is hilarious to me to listen to them talk really loudly about the movie to one another. It doesn't matter how many times we tell them to speak in a normal voice when wearing the head phones. They never do and it is funny!  The girls spent a lot of time coloring (Elena) and Emma playing games on her phone.  Guess what I did all day?  Drove!  I am so glad we only have 5.5 hours tomorrow. 

Today we started in Alabama, drove through the top corner of Georgia, then into Tennessee, and finally into Virginia. It was great to be back in the mountains. I wish Drew was with us so he could see his beloved Blue Ridge mountains. 

I didn't get to take as many pictures as yesterday. 

Sitting on the rockers at our hotel this morning. I have no idea why the boys thought sweat shirts were needed.

 Seriously, I think we were in GA for 20 miles. 

This rest stop had this cool mosaic tile sitting area. The kids liked it. 

It was such a lovely day to spend in the car...note sarcasm!

The Virginia welcome center

The Virginia is for lovers sign. I could not resist this!

E is for Emma

And Elena!

Because Jonah must hang from a tree whenever possible. 

Elena didn't want to be left out, but she needed some help. 

Our selfie of the day

Maybe we would have shorter days if I took less pictures?  Nah...that would be no fun!  One more day to go....

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  1. I don't know how you do that by yourself. You are wonder woman!!!