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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Harrisburg Senators Game---the summer of BBall continues

Today we went to another baseball game. For as many games as we have gone to this summer this was our first minor league game. The Harrisburg Senators are the AA team for the Washington Nationals. 

The Senators play at City Island in Harrisburg. The boys thought it was awesome that the game was on an island. There are other things on the island to do so we arrived early. We walked around, let the kids play some, and had some pre-game treats. 

Cool mural perfect for pictures

Owen and my kiddos with Harrisburg and the Susquehanna River in the back. 

In the back is the old beach where Kelsey worked and I did for a short time. I am so sad it is no longer open. 

After all our sightseeing it was time for the game. A few weeks ago I learned by some convulted way that a former Rice Owls player was on the Senators team. So, I checked the roster and discovered that two former Owls were on the team. Being that I am a planner I decided we should were our Rice gear and perhaps we would get to meet one or both of the players. I figured not many Rice Owls fans attended games in Harrisburg, PA. I guessed right!!!

Before the game we were all standing along the first base railing watching the players warm-up.

 After a few minutes a player walked up to me and asked if I went to Rice. This began a lovely conversation with Ricky Hague, 2B, former Rice Owls player. Crazier than this is that he grew up in Spring and went to the same high school my kiddos will attend. He was so nice and gracious enough to take a picture with us and give the kids his autograph.  He also talked to Samuel about their mutual dislike of Texas A&M. It was such a treat for us. He strarted at second and played a good game. He almost had a homer. 

Ricky Hague and us!

During the 3rd inning Emma was approached and asked if she wanted to play a game on the big screen. She agreed so for the third time this year Emma was on the big screen at a baseball game. Emma had to play follow the burger game and pick the winner.  Well, she was successful and won two gift cards to Red Robin!  Yum!!

The stadium has a play area for kids. Samuel, Elena, and I visited it and they had fun. They both went down the slide. Samuel hit some balls and Elena went into the big jumper. 

Future Rice Owl...look at his swing! 

The Senators won 5-4 in the 10th inning.  I think this is the 4th extra inning game we have seen...so crazy!

Samuel can be very serious about baseball

View from the outfield

Totally cool stairs made for picture taking. 

We had another exciting baseball adventure. Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for taking us!

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