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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Playing at another beach

In years past we have not boated to any of the beaches along Neuse River. I can't figure out why because we are having a blast exploring these new beaches.  We have been to one particular beach twice because it has a calm and rough side...twice the fun. The guys can fish. And, there is a sand bar that the kids love. On top of all that it is simply beautiful. 

Boys playing

Lots of digging in the sand. The kids obviously had to wear life jackets on the boat. I don't know why they decided to leave them on to play. Silly if you ask me because it was hot. 

Me and my boys...gotta love beach hair. 

Finally fewer life jackets...Emma with Elena and Leah

There was some kayaking. Both boats are big enough to transport the boats to the beach. 

Obligatory handstand by Emma

Elena is quite silly

Mammy and Pappy

These two little girls love each other so much. 


All 7...Leah, Samuel, Elena, Jonah, Emma, Maya, Hanna 

Me and my kiddos

We are loving these beach days especially after all the rain we have had. These kids are so happy digging in sand. 

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