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Monday, August 25, 2014

Today was the first day of school

How on earth is the summer over already and school beginning? Jeez!!!  Since I can't stop time this morning came way to quickly and I sent three kids to school on the 
bus and took Elena to school. Our new schedule is in full swing. 

Emma is in 6th grade and starting at Strack Intermediate.  I asked Emma how she felt this morning on the verge of new adventures and she said "good and a tad nervous!"

She had a good first day and was happy to learn that her BFF is in her science class. 

Elena is finally in Pre-K. That is her sentiment while mine is shock. When I asked her how she felt this morning she said "I am so glad school is finally starting."   Elena had a fun day and was excited to see her friends again. 

The girls are the last two at the house. The boys get the bus at 7:25am, but I did manage a group picture just after Emma woke up. 

Silly girls 

Jonah is in third grade and will have switch teachers this year. Jonah reporting feeling nervous this morning, but said he had a good first day. His favorite thing today was doing no work. 

Samuel is in first grade and very excited about school.  This morning he said "I feel awesome and lucky to have a great teacher!"  He also had a good day, but wasn't feeling as lucky as Jonah. Samuel had to do work today. 

I hope the enthusiasm continues...well for the most part at least!  Here's to a wonderful and rewarding 2014-15 school year. 

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