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Friday, August 1, 2014

Atlantic Beach

On Wednesday we went to Atlantic Beach. I think this is a funny name for a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Either way it was the perfect beach day. It was maybe 82, sunny, and breezy. Perfecto!

We took the ferry and this was probably the calmest ferry ride ever. It was so calm!

We arrived around 9:30 and the kids immediately hit the surf. Meghan was with us and that worked out great. She loves the waves and playing with the kids. The kids love her.  Another perfecto!
With the exception of lunch and some brief time building in the sand, the kids were constantly in the water. 

Leah and Elena enjoyed the water much more this year. They are bigger so they didn't get knocked down as much.  Drew and Meghan too them out far which they loved. 

Leah and Elena wave jumping

Maya, Hanna, Leah 

Kelsey, mom, and me

Kelsey and the girls...baby boy due soon!

There was lots of playing in the sand as well. 

Samuel and Elena took a walk with me and Drew. They played a game trying to avoid the waves. It was fun to watch them. 

Samuel taking care of Elena and Leah 

Kelsey and I took another two person selfie because we have tried to become awesome at them in the past two weeks. I do think this one is pretty great!

It was such a fun day. Almost five hours of fun and no sunburns at all!  That always makes me so happy. 

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