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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our time in Pittsburgh....Kennywood

On our way home we stopped in Pittsburgh to visit my friend Susan and her family.  This was actually the first time our families would meet.  Knowing we had one more fun thing to do before summer felt like it was officially over made leaving camp so much easier.  Susan planned a great couple of days for us so we were all very excited! 

The kids favorite was Kennywood. 

Just a little excitement
Kennywood is an amusement park in Pittsburgh and since we hadn't been to a theme park all summer, I knew the kids would love it.  The forecast was for rain, but we decided to go anyway figuring it would keep the people away.  The prediction for 100% rain lasted for about two hours.  During that time it was mostly a drizzle with some times of heavier rain.  So, we were still able to ride some rides and we ate lunch during the worst of the rain.  George saved us all from being soaked when he bought the rain ponchos.  After lunch and a few more moments of drizzle, the rain stopped for the day.  The park was less crowded and it was beautiful.  It was the perfect park day!
Elena, Samuel, Jack, Emma, Ella, Jonah, and Nicholas

Elena was too short to ride all the big roller coasters.  She also could not ride some other things as well like the bumper cars.  But, she did not let that stop her.  She LOVED the kiddie area and rode the rides again and again.  I know that someday Elena will be a big fan of the roller coaster.  The faster and more spin a ride had, the happier she was.  Crazy!  She is just like Jonah and Emma.
She is just under 46 inches which is a magic number for lots of rides.

Because I am not a fan of spinning and crazy coasters, I hung with Elena!

The bigger kids....Emma, Jonah, and Nicholas....and then Samuel, Jack, and Ella if they were tall enough loved the coasters and crazy spinning, goes way too high stuff.  Nuts if you ask me.  Susan and Drew almost always went on these rides with the kids so George and I stayed with the younger kiddos.
This crazy thing went in circles...no thanks!  Somewhere on there are my kids and Susans!

Jack by the craziest ride ever!
This ride was NUTS!  The circle thing in the picture below slowly spins as it swings back and forth.   George and I waited with the younger kids and Nicholas while Drew, Emma, Jonah, and Susan went on this.  The wind tunnel-gusts created by this ride were insane.  We literally had to hold tight to our bags, water bottles, etc so it did not blow away.

They said they liked it and were smiling when it was over!  I think Susan was the least impressed.

Everyone but poor Elena
I was the only adult who went on the Pittsburgh Plunge.  Since we had bought ponchos I decided to wear mine so I would not get soaked.  I was smart.  The kids...not so much.  They were totally drenched, but loved it.  We rode it three times in a row while not having to wait in line at all!  Each time the kids would get off and sprint to the line again.  It was silly, but fun.  That big splash in the background is what soaked us on the ride hence the poncho for me!

Of course we had to take pictures by Kenny....I guess that is his name.  It was fun!
Samuel and Jack
Jonah, Nicholas, and Emma
Elena and Ella
Me and Susan
Drew, me, Susan, and George
We had such a fun day.  The kids were great waiting while others rode rides.  The olders ones liked riding Elena's "rides" as well.  Everyone made the best of the rain without complaining. 

Before the day ended we had ice cream for dinner.  This ice cream was square dipped in chocolate and then dipped in toppings.  Finally, it was in a square cone.  Silly, but yummy!

Susan and George were awesome tour guides!  We love their family!

George, Susan, Ella, Nicholas, and Jack
It was a long 9 hour day at Kennywood.  But, I know everyone had a great time!!!

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